Prompt: Get Some Feedback on Your Work

This week, we talked about reader feedback and different tools or techniques you can use to sort through it all.  Now it’s your turn to apply these tools to your own writing. Weekend Prompt: Find some way of getting feedback on a portion of your work.  You can ask writer friends (or just smart friends… Read more »

How to Manage Beta Reader Feedback with fluffyseme

Today we have a guest post from Marianne Bellotti of F.S. Publishing.  She develops software to help writers make the most of the feedback they get from critiques.  I’ve mentioned Beta Readers (Betas) here at DIY MFA in the past, but for those new to the term, Betas are readers who rather than reading your… Read more »

FREE Stuff from DIY MFA!

This week, we’ve got a couple of different freebies available from DIY MFA that I wanted to showcase.  Are you ready for some awesome free stuff?  Of course you are.  After all, who doesn’t like free stuff, right? First off, next Wednesday we have a super-exciting thing happening here at DIY MFA: I’m leading my… Read more »

Announcement: DIY MFA Check-In on Twitter

Hello all!  Some of you may have noticed that I didn’t do a check-in post this past Sunday.  What I’m realizing is that for me posting on the weekend is just really tough.  Between family and other commitments (and preparing lots of juicy new DIY MFA materials for you all) the Sunday posts are becoming… Read more »

Weekend Prompt: DIY MFA Community

This week, we talked about different types of writing communities and where you can find a community that works for you.  Now we’ll start building our very own writing community right here at DIY MFA.  Aside from the blog, there are many other ways you can connect to DIY MFA and other writers participating in… Read more »

Finding a Writing Community

Trying to find the right community can sometimes feel like ordering from one of those monstrous diner menus: you have way too many options, but can never find the one thing you’re in the mood to eat.  The purpose of this post is to whittle down the choices for you, kind of like the waitress… Read more »

Why Writers Need Community

This week at DIY MFA, we shift gears a little to talk about community.  There’s something about writers that makes them flock together.  Like if you put two writers in a crowded cocktail party, they will inevitably find each other, almost like they have this fine-tuned writing radar.  A “wradar” as it were. This isn’t… Read more »

What is DIY MFA? (and other FAQs)

Welcome to and to the new-and-improved face of DIY MFA.  Today, I wanted to give you a short introduction to the program and answer some Frequently Asked Questions. Those of you who are familiar with the DIY MFA program probably already know the answers to most of these questions but for those who are new… Read more »

Welcome to DIY MFA

Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional Master’s Degree in Creative Writing?  Fear not.  There is another way.  It’s called DIY MFA. You are dedicated to your writing, but you also have a full and busy life.  You would like to go to graduate school, but the cost or the many responsibilities in… Read more »