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#5OnFri: Five Basics of Series Writing

Series are a big business these days. If you can hook the reader in with the first book, then you’ve got a built-in base of sales for the next two (or three or more) books. Before you start writing a series (or further developing your current one), here are five tips to keep in mind…. Continue Reading »


So, You Want to Be a Writer?

April is poetry month and today I read So, You Want to Be a Writer? by Charles Bukowski. This might just be my favorite poem of all time about writing. Except maybe for this one and this other one. (But I digress.) Anyway hop on over and read the Bukowski poem right now. It’s OK, I’ll wait. Great, you’re back. Why did… Continue Reading »


Planning Flash Fiction

Flash fiction, as we’ve discussed here before, is one of those things you can pick up during a short break. Even if you have no more than 20 minutes to write, it’s possible to whip up a story. The key to writing great flash fiction, however, is a plan. Much like writing a novel, you… Continue Reading »


#5onFri: Five World-Building Tips for Writers of All Genres

Every story needs a solid, vivid world that readers can lose themselves in for hours and remember long after they’ve reached The End. Whether that world is another planet, a land of mythical creatures, ancient Egypt, or a modern-day university doesn’t matter. If it feels real to the reader, then the writer has succeeded with… Continue Reading »


To Anyone Who’s Been Slammed by a Writing Teacher

A few weeks ago, this article by Ryan Boudinot got the writing world up in arms. In it Boudinot lists eight things about MFA’s that he can now say since he no longer teaches in one of these programs. While the article is harsh, it’s not ground-breaking. Newsflash: writing is hard and some people will hate your… Continue Reading »


Seven Flash Fiction Exercises for Novel Writing

Many writers struggle with time management. Most of us have full time jobs or other commitments that keep us away from the writing desk. We wish we had the time to write, but it just doesn’t seem to be there. Most published authors tell us in their blog posts and interviews that we need to… Continue Reading »


#5OnFri: Five Ways to Create a Likeable Anti-Hero

Give me a complicated anti-hero over a classic “good guy” any day! I love reading about anti-heroes and I love writing them. Of course, using an anti-hero as a protagonist is tricky and risky. Even the edgiest, darkest protagonists have to be likable, or the reader will put the book down. In Destruction the protagonist is man… Continue Reading »

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