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Picture Books: Not So Easy

When people consider writing for children, they often think about picture books first. You know the ones—the big ones found in the “E for Easy” section of the library with short text and illustrations. These days, librarians refer to this section as “E for Everyone” and with good reason. Everyone can enjoy a good picture… Continue Reading »


Ten Tips for Tired Writers

It’s November, and I am going to go out on a limb here and bet that there are a few tired writers out there. The days are short. School fatigue may be setting in. The holidays are just around the corner, with all the wonderful chaos they bring. And, on top of that, we’re about… Continue Reading »


#5OnFri: Five Tips of the Trade

Now, you can find writing advice anywhere, but here on DIY MFA, we’ve got some words of wisdom you just gotta take to heart. Each one of these amazing writers have something to share with you: a lesson learned, a friendly pat on the shoulder, good old fashioned experience, tips we wish we knew before… Continue Reading »


A Case Study on Art as a Literary Theme

Music, painting, acting – art comes in many forms and can have a profound impact on our lives. It can also be a treat for the reader’s imagination when it takes center stage in a story. This never happens by coincidence, though. When art appears in fiction, it always has a purpose and therefore resonates… Continue Reading »


Flash Fiction Exercises for #NaNoWriMo Prep

National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo) is in a few days, and many of us are still scrambling around, trying to complete our plans before November 1. Some #NaNoWriMo participants are feeling particularly confident right now. Maybe they spent the last few months plotting. Maybe they’re excited about pansting their next work. Regardless of the reason… Continue Reading »


#5OnFri: Five Benefits of Aiming High During NaNoWriMo

It’s Fall! And for most people, that means Pumpkin Spice Lattes, sweaters, Chai Tea and crunching leaves. But for writers, it also means November–or, more specifically, NaNoWriMo–is just around the corner. In November, thousands of writers take a pledge to write 50,000 words on a book. It’s a fantastic exercise that can yield all kinds… Continue Reading »


Re-Write Your Life: Tips for Keeping a Journal

In 2009, I experienced what novelists call a “dark night of the soul.”  I had just gotten married, and struggled with my new adult identity and the loss of my maiden name. In the space of six months, three loved ones passed away, including my beloved grandmother. I was frustrated at work and knew I… Continue Reading »


#5onFri: 5 Awesome Things About Pitching Your Book

For months, I dreaded my first pitch session, a live event in which a roomful of potential agents awaited me with only three minutes to impress each one I’d targeted. I’ve always felt that I don’t make a good first impression; I come off too serious, too earnest, too Hermione-ish. (There’s a reason Harry and… Continue Reading »


A Case Study on Family as a Literary Theme

No one can argue the importance of family. Whether loving or trying, our relationships with parents, children, and siblings – or the lack of such relationships – can have a huge impact on our lives. The same goes for literary characters. Their beliefs about family can be challenged, reshaped, or reaffirmed as a result of… Continue Reading »

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