Using Images to Create Character

This weekend we’re doing a character-based prompt. This is one of my favorite exercises because it never fails to spark new ideas for a story.  Just follow the steps below and let the creative juices flow. Weekend Writing Prompt: 1) Choose one of the pictures below.  If the picture has more than one person in… Read more »

A Simple Writing Exercise That Will Bring Your Character to Life

Here’s a secret writing exercise I only recently learned: If you want characters to feel real for the reader, you have to hint they have the potential to be the opposite of what they appear. Wait, what? The opposite of what the character seems . . . wouldn’t that mean the character is acting out of character?… Read more »

Create a Stash of Characters

Ever wonder where an author got the idea for that fantastic character you love?  Psst, I’ll let you in on a secret.  Want to know how I find my characters? I collect them. OK it might sound strange, but reall, how different is that from collecting stamps or seashells or bottle caps or baseball cards? … Read more »

Let’s Start at the Beginning

The first step to creating your DIY MFA is to take stock of where you are right now.  Some of you might be just starting out on your writing journey, while others may have been writing for years.  Either way is fine.  While some of you might have plenty of time to devote to this project, others… Read more »

How Does DIY MFA Simulate the MFA Experience?

DIY MFA is all about giving writers the tools and techniques to take their writing education into their own hands.  This means each writer has the freedom to construct a learning plan that caters specifically to his or her needs and goals.  There is a method to the madness, though, even with all this freedom…. Read more »