Have questions about DIY MFA? Any thoughts you want to share? We’d love to hear from you! You can contact members of the DIY MFA team using the information below.

Gabriela Pereira, Instigator and Creative Director

Instigator of DIY MFA and creative mastermind behind the project, Gabriela develops all of the DIY MFA materials and courses. She also speaks at writing conferences across the country and has has appeared on various radio shows. Check her bio for upcoming speaking engagements.

Email: gabriela [at] DIYMFA [dot] com
Phone: (646) 820-8149

Bess Cozby, Web Editor


IMG_4628A key member of the DIY MFA team practically from the start, Bess coordinates the web content and curates the guest articles. Interested in writing for us? Bess is the person to contact. Bess also attends writing conferences and events and writes them up for the website.

Email: bess [at] DIYMFA [dot] com

Elisabeth Kauffman, Podcast Producer


Elisabeth is the fearless producer for the podcast: DIY MFA Radio. She sets up author and expert interviews, coordinates the episode lineup and brainstorming new ideas for the show. Want to suggest an author or industry expert for an interview? Got ideas for something you’d like to hear on the show? Email Elisabeth.

Email: elisabeth [at] DIYMFA [dot] com

Rebecca Jordan, Columnist for “Ask Becca”


Becca is the mastermind behind the hilarious and insightful advice column, “Ask Becca,” where she answers your burning questions about writing, books and all things literary. Got a question you’d like to see answered? Tweet her at @beccaquibbles or use the #askbecca hash tag.



Wendy Lu, Columnist for “New Spin”



Wendy’s column, “New Spin,” covers anything that would be considered alternative storytelling, from literary mash-ups to books that put a new spin on classic stories, and “meta-books” that use new media, graphics, and the interaction between words/design for an enhanced reader experience.

Wendy loves interviewing authors and illustrators and is always on the lookout for new, exciting books to cover in the column.


Melinda VanLone, Photographer


Melinda is responsible for the gorgeous photography that appears in most of our articles. A writer and book cover designer, she has a keen eye for capturing moments that enhance the articles and gives them depth. She also is writing a series of articles at DIY MFA to help writers understand the ins and outs of book packaging and design.






Interested in writing an article for us? Check out our Guest Article Submission Guidelines

For general inquiries, please email info [at] DIYMFA [dot] com


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  • Carmen Ortiz

    Finished reading the starter kit. Only one thing that I did NOT like. “To those about to write, I salute you. Everyone else? I suggest you stay our of our way.” Really? Sorry, but I can write fine, my issue is trying to overcome years of people close to me treating like I’m not good enough for anything. (Although I have a doctorate, among other things.) So I have to begin from the start, in other words the basics (as in learning as much as I can and reading as much as I can, from the information in your site and the book which I should be receiving on Friday. Then, when I feel good about myself, I can continue to do something I know I can do, which is write. The last thing I needed was that “stay out of our way”. I’ve been staying out of every ones way for the last 69 years, to my own detriment.