What Does Your Right Brain Want You To Know?

As creative people, we look at the way our right brains work, and think we’re alone in that. We think we’re the only people who have certain ways of working or certain problems in our work. Believing you’re alone,that it’s “just you” and “just the way you work” can hold you back. When you understand what’s… Read more »

Announcing the Second DIY MFA Weekend Writing Sprint!

Have a writing project you’ve been dying to start, but can’t find the time, energy or motivation? Knee-deep in revision? Drowning in drafting? One of the best ways to get your writing back on track, or give yourself that extra boost and meet the next big challenge is to set aside a chunk of time,… Read more »

Ask Becca: The 3 Deadly Symptoms of Self-Doubt

“How can I gain confidence as a writer?” – Wendy L. Your parents have been lying to you. There is a monster under the bed. And its name is Self-Doubt. Self-Doubt is sneaky. It starts out like a small, niggling sticky note with a week-old due date: I really should submit to that writing contest…. Read more »

Are You Writing the Right Story?

When I first started writing, I wrote the types of stories I loved to read–science fiction and fantasy–but it took a while for me to figure out the kinds of stories I wanted to tell. My early attempts were never the right stories, even though they fit with what I liked to read and watch…. Read more »

Luck of the Writer

In These Happy Golden Years, the eighth Little House book, Ma Ingalls tells Laura that people make their own luck. This is illustrated in the story when Laura is kind to a girl in her class who, like Laura, wants to be a teacher. They both take the test, but only Laura passes. Because she and the girl… Read more »

Flaws, Emotional Trauma & the Character’s Wound

Characters are all about self-discovery, finding meaning, and achieving goals. They’re usually seeking to improve themselves in some way—at work, in personal relationships, spiritually, or through self-growth. But time and again, their flaws sabotage them, blocking them from gaining what they want both on a conscious and subconscious level. It’s ironic, really; who they are… Read more »