Janet Rebhan

#5onFri: Five Writing Tips That Don’t Involve Writing

We’ve all heard that writers write and that writing is re-writing. Yet, there are many other aspects to the creative writing process that do not involve putting pen to paper or moving your fingers across the keyboard. Assuming you already know your craft–you’ve studied your lit terms and are well acquainted with them–and you are… Read more »

Gabriela Pereira

This Needs to Be Said

Dear word nerd, For the past week, I have watched with outrage and horror at the events that have taken place. The murder of an innocent black man, the violence and aggression toward peaceful protesters, and the perpetual lack of initiative and empathy from many of our leaders during this time of extreme crisis. I… Read more »

Lori Walker

Tools to Start Your Writing Journey

Hi, my name is Lori. I’m recovering from “shiny object syndrome.” Hi, Lori! This is my new non-fiction column for DIY MFA. I’m thinking of calling it Lori’s World, but we’ll see how that goes over.  I wanted this first post to lay out my bona fides and close with a few words of wisdom…. Read more »

Sacha Black

#5onFri: Five Ways to Improve Your Description

Description is one of those magical elements of prose. Whether it’s “good” or not is entirely subjective. One author’s Mozart is another’s Metallica. But, regardless of your preferences, there are some techniques and literary tools you can use to tighten your sentences and sharpen your description. Here are just five tricks you can use.  1)… Read more »

Alison Hammer

Five Tips for Writing Every Day

Unfortunately, no one has invented a way to write a novel without actually sitting down to write it. So it remains true that the only way to finish whatever project you’re working on is to keep filling that page with words. Trust me, I know it’s not as easy as it sounds. There’s nothing more… Read more »

Brenda Joyce Patterson

Writing Small in Viral Times

This is not the article I intended to write.  But I found, just as likely you, too, that I couldn’t focus on anything other than the viral elephant in our global living room. This coronavirus, COVID-19, won’t let any of us ignore it. Constant news alerts about death, the reality of livelihood loss, and the… Read more »

Abigail K. Perry

Story Grid Scene Analysis: The Giver of Stars

Welcome back! In my last column I talked about the immense value of using Story Grid’s Scene Analysis Template to read with purpose, by learning how to read (and analyze a scene) like a writer.  To recap: the bulk of the Scene Analysis Template focuses on how a working scene creates a Story Event—or an… Read more »