How to Build an Authentic Author Brand

Hey, writers! Today I want to talk about authentic author brand building. In other words: how can you establish yourself as a real human being, rather than as a robotic, faceless business?  An author brand boils down to a couple key features: what sets you apart from other authors and, more specifically, what readers love… Read more »

Interview with Linda Olson

This week our #ownvoices series shifts slightly from the experiences of BIPOC mystery/thriller writers to share the story of a woman who endured an extraordinary event and became part of a large and varied group – people with disabilities both seen and unseen. Linda Olson was a young med student and wife in 1979 when,… Read more »

Creating Authentic Details: Medicine

Full disclosure: the impetus for this article came from my own writing. I was having fun because I was finally getting to use Bald’s eyesalve in my story – though I’m not so sure the character was enjoying it quite as much as I was.  Bald’s eyesalve (from a 10th-century medical text) is made of… Read more »

Feeling stuck? Reconnect your values.

Whether you choose to publish traditionally or independently, aligning your goals and intentions with your values can help you persevere in your writing practice. How is 2020 treating you? Are you doing okay? Staying hydrated? Healthy, I hope? The year has not, on the whole, been kind to us, and if you’re anything like me… Read more »

What Happens When You Decide the Answer is “Yes”?

Hey word nerd! Jeanette the Curriculum Unicorn here with your writerly wisdom. Can I really write a book? Does that thought seem familiar? I can’t even express how many times those words have gone through my head. Whether you’ve known since childhood you were destined to be a writer or you’re just discovering your passion… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Bits of Writing Advice (that Actually Work!)

As writers, I’m sure we’ve all heard our fair share of colorful craft advice from famous authors. From the controversial “Write drunk, edit sober” (frequently attributed to Ernest Hemingway, but actually sourced from a novel by Peter de Vries) to the unorthodox suggestion of “Get a cat” (one of my personal favorites, courtesy of Muriel… Read more »

Kidlit Age Categories: Who’s Being Served?

You may imagine that the age categories for kidlit are neatly defined. Here at DIY MFA we’ve laid out what the boundaries typically are, to give writers a guideline. But we have to admit: there’s an awful lot of wiggle room. Dividing books by age is an imperfect measurement, because kids vary so widely in… Read more »