all-woman spacewalk

Five Awesome Ways NASA’s All-Woman Spacewalk Inspires Us

The first all-woman spacewalk took place on October 18, 2019, and it was historic for a number of reasons. For those writing speculative fiction set in space, many have assumed the presence of women in their novels, and this is a good thing. Whether the purpose is exploration, settlement, or pure adventure, women must be… Read more »


Character Archetypes: The Survivor and the Protector

Hey there word nerds! For the past several articles, we’ve discussed the concept of a Storytelling Superpower, and how we all can find ours. The secret is the heart of every story–the character. There are four main character archetypes, and discovering which one resonates more with you can help you unlock your own storytelling superpower…. Read more »

The Privilege of Building an Audience to Serve

“Platform is about cultivating and serving an audience.” I first heard book coach Chad R. Allen make this comment a few months ago. Now, Chad knows a thing or two about platform and books. He’s a former acquisitions editor, with over twenty years of experience in the publishing industry, as well as a writer, blogger,… Read more »

Four Steps to Turn Your Purpose Into Goals

In my last Be Well, Write Well post, I launched a 3-part series designed to help busy writers find their rhythm. In our first post, we focused on finding our WHY, the purpose behind everything we do. We created purpose statements that brought the elements of our working, family and inner self pieces into a… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Ways to Incorporate Real Historical Figures into Your Fiction

When it comes to writing historical fiction, there are all sorts of subgenres. Right now, I myself am exploring magical realism, legends, and myths. With legends come legendary characters, so I’ve had to think about different ways to incorporate well-known characters, real-life historical figures, and otherwise well-known personages into my fiction. I’ve tried all of… Read more »


Character Archetypes: The Disruptor and the Underdog

Hey word nerds! We’re continuing my series on your storytelling superpower today by digging into the first two of four character archetypes. But first a quick recap: In my first post, we talked about how character, more than plot, world or any other story element, drives a story forward. If your reader doesn’t care about… Read more »

Why Is the Theme of Man and the Natural World Important?

How often do you come across nature? Even if you live in an urban area, the answer is probably, “Every day.” You see, nature isn’t limited to trees, animals, and bodies of water. It also includes the seasons, precipitation, extreme weather events, and seismic activity. As a result, the natural world can impact every aspect… Read more »