Jason Jones

#5onFri: Five Tips for Getting Your Book on Local Media

You’re an author! Congratulations! Arriving here, book in hand, you’ve joined a very exclusive club. Writing is vulnerable, sacrificial and truth be told, a bucket-list item that most will never check off. An incredible amount of work goes into writing a book: the research, the writing, the editing and various publishing tasks. These can take… Read more »

D. P. Lyle

Do Series Characters Change?

Do series characters change? A better question might be: Should series characters change? Go through some upheaval that arcs their life into uncharted waters? But, first, what is a character arc? Where does it come from? How do you create this in your fictional stories? More importantly, do you even need one? What is a… Read more »

Melanie Marttila

Mythic Storytelling: Tarot for Writers, Part 3

Greetings, my lovely Speculators! I hope you’re keeping safe and well in these remarkable times. I also hope you’ve enjoyed this miniseries on the tarot for writers so far. To recap, in Part 1, I offered a brief introduction to the tarot, in Part 2, I reviewed five books on the tarot for writers, and… Read more »

Sarah Fraser

#5onFri: Five Signs You’re Ready to Work With an Editor

When we’re elbows-deep in outlining, drafting, redrafting and revising our manuscripts, it can be hard to imagine that our works in progress will ever be truly finished. Yet, we will inevitably get to the end—or what feels like it could be the end—of our novel-writing process. And when that happens, the question of what to… Read more »

Pamela Taylor

Conversations: Alison Weir

Mark your calendars for August 6th. That’s when Alison Weir’s newest historical fiction novel – Katheryn Howard: The Tainted Queen – will be available in bookshops and online. Better still, preorder it now and you’ll be among the first to have it. Though some describe Weir’s non-fiction as “popular” history (she even uses the term… Read more »

Leanne Sowul

The Power of Paying Attention

Well hello there, writers! How are you all doing out there? Oh, you’re struggling? Yeah, me too. At least, I’m struggling to write this post. You see, this is the first post I’ve written for DIY MFA since the pandemic started, and when it goes live, we’ll probably still be under some level of quarantine…. Read more »