LB Gschwandtner Myths

Myths and Truths about Writing

I came late to the writing life. When I did arrive, it was with misconceptions, fantasies, myths, and misinformation. I discovered that I was not alone in this, but rather many other newcomers were also finding their hopes and dreams rooted not in reality but in wishful thinking. It’s a tough dichotomy: writing fiction requires… Read more »

Nathan Makaryk

Episode 325: Reinventing a Legend — Interview with Nathan Makaryk

Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Nathan Makaryk. Nathan is the author of Nottingham, which deconstructs the mythology of Robin Hood in a realistic historical context. Nathan is a playwright, theater-owner, director, stage combat choreographer, and comedian living in Southern California. Nottingham was based on his critically-acclaimed original play The Legend of Robin Hood…. Read more »


Food Writing Beyond Nostalgia

If you’re supposed to write what you know, then it makes sense you’d want to linger in the good moments. Food nostalgia is especially intoxicating — the way the salty air bounced off of your cappuccino on a rooftop in Positano or how your main character sat on her porch every evening eating cheesecake and… Read more »


Strengthen Your Platform During a Pandemic

The pandemic has taken a lot from us. As authors, it has been a huge blow to our options for growing our community—events, libraries, book shops, conventions, festivals, workshops. I could go on. But it can’t steal your platform. I know: it’s hard. Even I, extreme introvert extraordinaire, have missed face time with readers and writers…. Read more »

Sheena Kamal

Interview with Sheena Kamal

[Editor’s Note: As a part of DIY MFA’s ongoing mission to promote unique voices, regular columnist, Sara Farmer, has been conducting a limited series of interviews featuring authors with unique and diverse voices. You can check out her past interviews of Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Marcie Rendon, Ausma Zehanat Khan and Adam Smyer.] About Sheena Kamal Sheena… Read more »

Writing Process

Define and Refine Your Writing Process

We got so many awesome questions during the master class, and we couldn’t get through them all. That’s why I decided to hop on a live broadcast so I could answer some of these questions, particularly the ones focusing on the writing process. One theme that came up again and again in this session was… Read more »