Creating a Dynamic Romantic Hero

There are many Super-Authors among us who have received a RITA award presented by the Romance Writers of America (RWA) for an outstanding novel or novella. What is the secret that takes a romance writer and turns her into a Super-Author? What triggered her Aha! moment, so that from that second on, she knew her… Read more »

How (and Why) to Market Yourself

When I talk to other writers about my experiences with my small press, or about small presses in general, I often get questions about how much they help to market my books. My press offers a reasonable amount of promotion support, especially compared to what I’ve heard from some other authors. But even so, I… Read more »

writing workshop

#5onFri: Five Tips for Finding the Right Workshop

Really, I never expected accolades. I’d prepared myself for the tough feedback I hoped would help me grow as a writer. I may be an accomplished columnist but I have much to learn about writing fiction. I didn’t anticipate praise but neither did I expect to leave feeling like something scraped off the sidewalk. But,… Read more »


How to Find Your Writing Purpose

Here’s a peek into my day: I start just after five in the morning. I get up, wash my face, and grab my laptop. I spend the next hour as a writer, drafting and editing, fine-tuning and submitting. I have a few minutes to get myself ready for the day, and then I wake up… Read more »


#5onFri: Five Easy Steps to Create a Writing Wind-Up

A big challenge I’ve had as a newbie writer has been figuring out how to get myself into the proverbial “writing chair.” I’ve had days, weeks, and even months when I’ve felt the world was conspiring to keep me from writing. But it wasn’t the world; it was me. I hit many walls early on… Read more »