Writer Igniter Thriller Summit

OMG word nerd, I am so excited to share today’s post with you. For months, my team and I have been secretly working behind-the-scenes on a new project that is truly epic. It’s called the Writer Igniter Thriller Summit and it happens one week from today. This Thriller Summit is essentially like a free online… Read more »

Epic Book Club Round-Up — Part 3

Holy guacamole, word nerds, it has been such an incredible few weeks! The Facebook group has been hopping with all the discussion threads and comments. Personally, I’ve had a blast getting to know so many word nerds and having a window into your creative process. This book club has been so much fun, and it… Read more »

Epic Book Club Round-Up — Part 2

Hey hey word nerds! I’m back with another round up of DIY MFA Book Club prompts. Just in time, too, because the month-long challenge will be wrapping up soon! Join us in the Facebook group for a celebration and collective happy dance on Monday. Before we dive into the round-up, I have to take a… Read more »

Epic Book Club Round-Up — Part 1

Hey there word nerds! If you haven’t already noticed, our Facebook community has been hopping lately and it’s all because of the DIY MFA Book Club. If you’re not already a part of it, there’s still time to join! Just go to DIYMFA.com/BookClub and sign up. The book club was inspired by the DIY MFA… Read more »

Writing Lessons From the Santa Claus

Just in time for the holiday! Here are some writing lessons from Santa and insights about how the Big Guy in the red suit tackles obstacles and maintains his creative momentum, even during the chaos of the holiday season. Mr. Claus is a wise man.  In fact, when it comes to important things like making… Read more »

Writing Advice from a Red-Nosed Reindeer

Some holiday inspiration for your writing and creative life! Sending you all loads of literary love this holiday season! Recently, I had a chance to visit the North Pole and chat it up with Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Let me tell you, that is one optimistic little squirt if I ever saw one.  And a… Read more »