freelance career

#5onFri: Five Degrees to Consider in Pursuit of a Freelance Career

Freelancing is a viable career option for individuals in a wide range of sectors. And the number of freelancers globally looks poised to grow in the foreseeable future.  A recent study indicated 58% of non-freelancers are considering a switch to freelancing. Furthermore, another study revealed 53% of freelancers said they believe they will experience greater… Read more »

mindset tools for writers

Mindset Tools for Writers

[Part of this post was originally published in January 2014 here and another part of it was originally published in April 2017 here.] The new year always makes me want to reevaluate my creative process and push myself to become a more productive writer. This year is no different. As I’ve been thinking about creativity,… Read more »

pay an editor

How Much Should I Pay an Editor to Edit My Book?

I recently saw a post in an editors’ group on Facebook where the original poster was asking for full developmental editing, line editing, formatting, and proofreading of a 40K-word novella. They wanted to publish in less than a month, making this a rush job. And they offered to pay an editor $0.006/word. Multiply that out,… Read more »

plan your money

Plan Your Money: Setting up Your Authorial Calendar for Success

Hey writer, next year is around the corner. Is your author career set up for success? Oftentimes authors join the #StarvingArtistsClub because they don’t do one thing: plan. If authors planned more, they’d hit goals they’re proud of, and would consistently build a business they never want to be away from. Being an author is not… Read more »

book cover trends

#5onFri: Five Book Cover Trends from 2021

Despite the well-known saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” readers often shop with their eyes. Humans seem to be wired this way. “More than 50 percent of the cortex, the surface of the brain, is devoted to processing visual information,” points out Williams, the William G. Allyn Professor of Medical Optics.  So,… Read more »

Holiday Themed Round-Up

Holiday Themed Round-Up

Hey word nerds! The holiday season is in full swing, so we thought we would present a holiday-themed round-up full of posts from our archives for you to enjoy. Whether you want some advice on how to get some writing in during this busy time or maybe you want to explore some podcast episodes or… Read more »

author platform resolutions

3 Author Platform Resolutions for 2022

As we end one year and start another, it’s a great time to take stock of what we’ve done, and where we want to go next. Yes! Resolutions! I know these days a lot of people are over resolutions. And I get it—why set goals based on a milestone in time when time hardly even… Read more »

writing community

Want to Write Your Best? Find Your Writing Community!

Something my students hear from me all the time, and which I’ve probably written about in one or more of my DIY MFA columns, is that writing doesn’t occur in a vacuum. At least, our best writing doesn’t. What I mean by that is, even the best and most seasoned writers have always found it… Read more »