Livestreaming for Your Author Business

No stone should remain unturned when it comes to finding ways to stand out in your industry. The digital world presents ample opportunity to claim your business’s rightful place in the professional world, especially on social media. Establishing your presence on social media can take many forms, but livestreaming is increasing in popularity. It is… Read more »

your mental health

Be Like a Tree for Your Mental Health

What have you done recently to nourish your mental health? In fall, trees slow down in preparation for taking time for rest. They stop producing chlorophyll and drop their leaves, knowing there will not be enough sunlight to create the chemical reactions for the sugars they need. Trees are smarter than we are as humans…. Read more »

your email list

Grow Your Email List (and Your Influence)

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying at least once, “the money is in the list.” Writer, the experts are right. Your email list will always convert more when it’s time to sell books then social media or any other medium. If no one’s said it to you before, building an email list is vital to… Read more »


Book Promotion Graphics for Newbies

As an author, when you’ve got a new book releasing, you want to shout it from the rooftops! These days, for all sorts of converging reasons, that increasingly means the metaphorical, digital rooftops of Instagram, Twitter, and other online forums. This requires a familiarity with book promotion graphics. By nature of what we do as… Read more »

imposter syndrome

Faker: On Fighting Imposter Syndrome

Like most writers, I fantasize about being published. When I was writing my thesis for my MFA, I imagined getting a phone call. No, the phone call. I envisioned myself surrounded by family and friends—my phone would ring and it would be someone telling me my book was going to be on shelves. They would… Read more »

freelance editor

The Long Road to Freelance Editor: Part One

As much as I’ve always wanted to be a writer, I was also fascinated with the business of editing. As a little girl, I would write for hours and fill notebooks with stories of my own worlds. I was convinced I would grow up to be an author. Until one magical day, I stumbled across… Read more »

Title Image: Three Criteria for Effective Author Posts on LinkedIn

Three Criteria for Effective Author Posts on LinkedIn

Welcome to the Author Marketing Toolkit, where you can learn from 20+ years of time-tested marketing and insights expertise, translated for authors. I’m Carol Van Den Hende, an MBA and strategist who’s known for bringing chocolate when I speak at conferences (surely, we’ll get back to in-person events one day!). I’m thrilled to be joining… Read more »

Title Image: Amazon Exclusivity

Amazon Exclusivity: An Honest Appraisal for First-Time Authors

If you’ve spent any time with self-published authors, you’ll know that one of the community’s real hot-button issues is Amazon exclusivity: the decision to either sell your book only on Amazon, or to “go wide” with other retailers like Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Play, etc. This debate has been flourishing since Amazon introduced… Read more »