3 Things To Know Before You Publish

When I first started learning the book industry, I thought all you had to do to publish was to write a phenomenal book. At the Writer’s Digest Conference East (WDCE), I first heard about a a new publishing survey conducted by Digital Book World earlier this year. There’s a report of the results if you… Read more »

Self-Publishing Insights Q&A Series

At the Writer’s Digest Conference, and other events I’ve attended lately, one thing has become very clear: self-publishing is no longer synonymous with vanity publishing. In fact, self-publishing can be a sound business model for writers with a more entrepreneurial bent. There’s even some fascinating research (a Digital Book World survey) suggesting that “hybrid” authors–who… Read more »

Four Questions to Define Your Social Media Presence

Not so long ago, agents and even some publishers insisted that authors (including aspiring authors) needed a social media presence. But that is slowly changing as it dawns on everyone in the publishing industry that an online presence is the means to an end rather than the end itself. Social networking comes down to GIVE: four… Read more »

Why You Should Consider an Agent, Even If You Self-Publish

These days, with Amazon and a host of other opportunities for self-publication, writers take more of a lead in getting their books in the hands of readers. If writers can upload their books and sell directly to readers then what happens to the “middle men” like literary agents? While some writers seem pleased to see… Read more »

How Practicing My Pitch Helped Me Write a Better Book

Being able to sum up a book in a sentence or two, under pressure and with focus, organization and intrigue is a skill that takes practice. Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner recommends you “give enough information—plot, character, setting, theme—to intrigue without giving away the entire story.”  Agent Kerrie Flanagan adds: “Know your story, practice your one-liner,… Read more »

Why You Don’t Need to Be an Author Entrepreneur

Lately, writing conferences have been buzzing with this idea of the author entrepreneur. Writer’s Digest Conference East earlier this month was no exception. One theme came up again and again and it was this idea of writers as entrepreneurs. Self-publishing is no longer a synonym for vanity publishing. Authors have more options than ever before… Read more »

How to Blog: The Group Blog Edition

Often when writers seek ways to gain that extra edge in the market, they look to the Internet to reach out to their target audience.  One popular option is to create a blog.  ThinkingtoInking is the group blog that fellow writer/bloggers Lauren Monahan, Triona Murphy, Stacy Stokes and I created to share our journey and… Read more »

Writer’s Digest Conference East 2013

One week ago, I head the pleasure of attending the Writer’s Digest Conference East (WDCE) in NYC. This is one of my favorite writing conferences of the year and it’s a great event writers in all stages of their careers. Novice writers can enjoy the inspirational keynote speakers and great lectures on writing craft and… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Conference

One of my favorite things to do for DIY MFA is go to writing conferences. I love meeting other writers, connecting with industry professionals and learning new things about the business as well as the craft. These days, with so many writing conferences available, it can be tricky to figure out which ones you should… Read more »

Editor Q&A (Part 2) – The Author-Editor Relationship

On Tuesday, we hosted Random House Editor, Mark Tavani, who spoke about the acquisitions process and what editors look for in submissions. Today, we get Mark’s take on the author-editor relationship and what it’s like to work with an editor. Without further ado, here’s Part 2 of our Editor Q&A Series this week. Editors all… Read more »