Square One: Where is the Best Place to Start Platforming?

Starting your online platform can be daunting, and it seems everyone an opinion on how to do it “right.” But the truth is, the best place to start your platform is where you feel most comfortable and naturally strongest. Platforming is simply putting forth an organized, focused effort to connect with your target readers. It’s… Read more »

Behind the Scenes at DIY MFA 101

Here’s a quick sneak peek of our flagship course DIY MFA 101. We have a private, members-only website for the class, with exciting features to make accessing the course materials easy. The workshops unlock sequentially on different weeks of the class. Each workshop contains three video lessons with companion worksheets. We also include an audio-only version and… Read more »

A Chinese Perspective on Western Books: Part One

Go to any bookstore or library in China and you’ll find hundreds of novels written in boxlike characters made up of different undulating strokes and curvy lines (like this: 爱). In a large bookstore chain like XinHua, you’ll find those same books stacked alongside a section of “foreign works,” often written in English or their… Read more »

#CTC29: Writing Challenge FAQ’s

Conquer the Craft in 29 Days (#CTC29) is off to a fantastic start! Already we have over 500 writers participating in this DIY MFA writing challenge, and Twitter is a-buzz with people sharing updates and progress. I’ve had a few people email me with questions and I’ve noticed a few that have come up again… Read more »

DIY MFA Will Be at the Writer’s Digest Conference

I am so excited to announce that I will be speaking at the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference. This is one of my favorite conferences, and an incredible opportunity to meet other writers, learn more about craft and the industry, and pitch your book to agents. I’ve attended the Writer’s Digest Conference since 2011. For past few years… Read more »

We Need Diverse Books: The Book Con-troversy

BookExpo America is an exciting event that brings together industry professionals, book bloggers and reading fanatics to discuss what the next big thing will be in publishing. While it’s a wonderful weekend, it’s not as welcoming to casual readers as some other conventions. Which is why Bookcon was introduced. For a greatly reduced price, book… Read more »

Finding the Editor Who’s Right for You

Over the past few weeks, we’ve established that in order to give your manuscript the best shot at standing out in a crowded marketplace, you need to hire a freelance editor. We’ve also talked about the basic services you can expect your editor to provide. Now let’s talk about how you find your editor. Because… Read more »