Episode 106: How to Be an Author Entrepreneur – Interview with Joanna Penn

Hey there Word Nerds! Today’s episode is especially awesome because I’m interviewing Joanna Penn, author and creative entrepreneur. She is the mastermind behind The Creative Penn, one of the top 10 sites for writers and has penned several nonfiction books helping writers build their platforms. She also writes thrillers under the pen name J.F. Penn and is a self-publishing superstar. I am… Read more »

Featured Image: Ryan North

Episode 104: Gaming Shakespeare – Interview with Ryan North

Hey there Word Nerds! Thanks for joining me for today’s awesome DIY MFA Radio interview with author Ryan North. When one of my contacts over at Penguin told me Romeo and/or Juliet and asked if I wanted to bring the author on the show, my immediate reaction: “Shakespeare meets choose-your-own adventure? Yes please!” The fact… Read more »

Episode 100: Unleash Your Storytelling Superpower!

Hello hello Word Nerds! Welcome back to DIY MFA Radio. OMG, you guys! It’s episode 100! How awesome is that? I can’t even believe how amazing it is that we’ve come this far. Today’s show is super-special for a number of reasons. Not only is it episode 100, but this is also the first solo show I’ve… Read more »