Episode 83: Writing Outside Our Experience – with Nicholas Petrie

Today I’m talking to Nicholas Petrie, author of the stunning debut The Drifter, an explosive thriller written with a strong literary sensibility. In our conversation, we tackle a topic that many authors often struggle with: how do we write about something when we have no first-hand experience with it? This question goes deeper than “how do… Read more »

Episode 82: Start Small and Embrace the Power of Zero

Hey there Word Nerds! I’m so glad you’re here. First OMG! today is the day after my birthday. But more important, I am excited to share today’s topic because it’s a big one. Today I want to talk about the power of starting small and embracing the power of zero. A lot of people resist starting something (writing a book, launching a… Read more »

Episode 81: Why We Write About Ourselves – with Meredith Maran

Hi there Word Nerds! Thanks for joining me for today’s episode of DIY MFA Radio. Today I’m talking to Meredith Maran about her latest book: Why We Write About Ourselves. Following up on her previous collection: Why We Write, Meredith’s most recent book is a collection of essays from memoirists, talking about why they write memoir in… Read more »