Episode 59: Finding Your Om Factor – Interview with Alka Dhillon

Hey there word nerds! Gabriela here with another exciting interview episode on DIY MFA Radio. Today I’m thrilled to share my recent conversation with Alka Dhillon, author of The OM Factor: A Woman’s Spiritual Guide to Leadership. Alka Dhillon is the founder and CEO of Technalink, one of the leading companies in the Washington Metropolitan area providing… Read more »

Episode 58: A Mindfulness Manifesto for Writers

Hello Word Nerds! Thanks for joining me today. Man, it’s been a while since I’ve done a solo show. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve had a chance to chat with you. We’ve been doing so many awesome interviews, and we have a bunch more coming up, but today I felt like it was time… Read more »

Episode 56: Writing Literary Mysteries – Interview with Tana French

Hi there Word Nerds! I’m so excited to share today’s interview with bestselling author Tana French and her process in crafting series and writing literary mysteries. Tana French has been called “one of the most talented crime writers alive” by the Washington Post. With four bestselling, critically acclaimed, and award-winning novels in print worldwide, she… Read more »

Episode 55: DIY MFA Radio One-Year Anniversary Show!

Hello Word Nerds! Welcome to very special episode of DIY MFA Radio. Exactly one year ago, Elisabeth Kauffman (our podcast producer) and I released the very first episode of DIY MFA Radio into the world. In this episode, she and I celebrate the show’s one-year anniversary with an interview, only now the tables are turned. Usually it’s… Read more »

Episode 51: Interview with Calee Lee of Xist Publishing

Hello and welcome to another exciting episode of DIY MFA Radio! Today I’m interviewing Calee Lee, the founder and CEO of Xist Publishing, the largest independent digital-first children’s publisher. She is also the author of more than 15  books for children. Dedicated to helping kids develop a lifetime love of reading, she founded Xist Publishing in… Read more »

Episode 50: How to Create Your Own Mini Writing Retreat

Hey Word Nerds! Welcome to another episode of DIY MFA Radio. Back in June, I went on my first mini writing retreat right here in my hometown of New York City. I didn’t go far from home–just a couple of miles–but I left the house, went to a hotel and spent about 24 hours immersed in my writing…. Read more »