Episode 18: Deconstructing Shakespeare’s Sonnet 90

Hello and happy Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful that you are here! This podcast has been a true labor of love for me and I’m thrilled to share it with you. Today I want to tell you about something else that I am thankful for: the ability to read Shakespeare in the original English. Shakespeare’s work has made a… Read more »

Episode 16: An Insider’s Guide to Writing Groups Pt.2

Today’s episode is part two in our series, An Insider’s Guide to Critique Groups and we’re talking about techniques you can use to give helpful critique to your fellow writers. Giving critique that is helpful and direct is something you have to practice. Whether you’re working with one critique partner or with a group of writers,… Read more »

Episode 15: Master Class with Jane Yolen

This is a very special episode for DIY MFA Radio because it features a wonderful writer–and one of my writing heroes–Jane Yolen. She has written over 360 books, but what truly sets her work apart is her artristry and versatility. She has written in just about every genre imaginable, and for just about every type of… Read more »

Episode 14: Creative Monsters

Happy Halloween everyone! Since Halloween is this Friday, I wanted to dedicate this episode to things that go bump in the night by talking about creative monsters in our lives. Creative monsters take many forms and use a variety of techniques to rip our creative ideas and spirit to shreds. In this episode, we’ll learn… Read more »

Episode 13: The 5 Stages of Writer’s Block

In today’s episode I want to talk to you about writer’s block. Specifically, the 5 stages of writer’s block, inspired by the Kübler-Ross stages of grief. If you’ve ever experienced writer’s block, you know that you have to get through all these stages to be able to get back to writing. Writer’s block is painful,… Read more »

Episode 12: An Insider’s Guide to Writing Groups Pt. 1

Thanks for joining me for Part One of the DIY MFA Radio series: An Insider’s Guide to Writing Groups. In this episode we’re going to talk about what to do before, during, and after receiving critique on your writing. One very important part of your writer’s journey is receiving feedback on your work. A critique group… Read more »

Episode 11: Life is Short, Read with Purpose

Reading with purpose is one of the core principles in DIY MFA. Sure, reading for pleasure is great–it inspires you and fuels your passion for writing. But, in order to grow and learn as a writer, you have to read like a writer and use what you read to improve your craft and technique. In today’s… Read more »