Reading Verse Novels

Today I’d like to welcome Caroline Starr Rose back to DIY MFA.  Caroline and I met through the blogsphere in 2010, when she hosted a Verse Novel Challenge on her blog.  Being a fan of verse novels, I joined the challenge and have had the pleasure of following her writing and publishing journey ever since. … Read more »

Poetry Reading List and Resources

I’m guessing that after a week of reading about how great poetry is, you might be ready to dive in and read or write some poems of your own. But where to start?  With all the literary resources out there, where do you go to find resources on poetry? Never fear! I’ve put together a… Read more »

Poets on Poetry

It can be a challenge to wrap our minds around poetry. It’s not as straight-forward as non-fiction or fiction so many people choose to bury our heads in the sand, hoping that if we can’t see poetry then poetry can’t see us. Why not learn directly from those who have tamed the beast? That’s where… Read more »

My Not-So-Epic Journey into Poetry

Some time ago, I came to a realization that made me go from having a visceral hatred of poetry to suddenly rediscovering its beauty.  The realization was this: It’s not that I dislike all poetry, I just dislike bad poetry. Let me backtrack a little bit.  It’s 1993 and I’m in ninth grade biology class… Read more »

Prompt: Practice Reading Aloud

Most of the time, reading is a private activity, something we do alone or as a way to isolate ourselves.  When we read, we enter that magic bubble that takes us to far off places and shows us things we never knew possible.  Like the woman in the picture, when we read we are often… Read more »

Reading in Public: 3 Steps to Captivate Your Audience

Whether it’s in an auditorium in front of hundreds of people or in your living room with a couple of close friends, reading your work in public can be nerve-wracking.  In fact, even writers who have been speaking in public for years still get nervous when they have to read their own work aloud.  I… Read more »

Prompt: Make a Reading Plan

This week we’ve talked about reading with purpose and the three steps crucial to making it happen.  Now this weekend, I challenge you to put it all into action. Prompt: Make a Reading Plan First, you need to make yourself a reading list.  Use the Reading List Worksheet to put your list together.  You can… Read more »

Life is Short. Read with Purpose.

Here at DIY MFA, we talk a lot about writing, but reading is also an important part of the program.  Most traditional MFA programs have a literature component built into the curriculum.  So too does DIY MFA.  The only difference between the way MFA programs approach literature study and the way we do it at… Read more »