Size Matters: Reading Short Form Literature

A few weeks ago, we dedicated a week at DIY MFA to talk about reading.  In particular, we talked about why reading is important and how writers can choose the things they read to benefit their writing.  This week we focus again on reading, but this time looking it from a new angle.  We’re not… Read more »

Build Your Reading List

On Wednesday, we talked about casting a wide net in our reading and how we can learn from those writers who came before us.  Today, we put those words into action.  And guess what, to make this week’s prompt super-easy and fun, I’ve made a special worksheet! Click the link to download the Reading List Worksheet,… Read more »

A DIY Master Class

One of the most important parts of a DIY MFA is putting together a reading list that represents the area of writing that you want to focus on.  That’s the beauty of DIY MFA: you don’t have to read something that doesn’t resonate with you. I learned this concept from a professor in my MFA program… Read more »

The Essentials: Writing Books I Can’t Live Without

Today we’re focusing on building our writing library.  The way I see it, there are three types of writing books.  You have books on craft, books containing writing exercises and prompts, and books about the writing life.  A well-balanced home library should represent all three types.  Yet, not all writing books are created equal, and I don’t know… Read more »