3 Steps to Reading With Purpose

There are three main steps in reading with purpose: selecting the books, reading like a revolutionary and responding to what you read.  We’ve covered some of these topics at DIY MFA before, but today we tie it all together into a structure that functions just a literature course in a writing MFA program.  It is… Read more »

Life is Short. Read with Purpose.

Here at DIY MFA, we talk a lot about writing, but reading is also an important part of the program.  Most traditional MFA programs have a literature component built into the curriculum.  So too does DIY MFA.  The only difference between the way MFA programs approach literature study and the way we do it at… Read more »

Prompt: 3 Ways to Feed Your Love of Literature

As with any relationship, the more time you put into it, the more you will get out of it.  So it is with a writer’s love of words and literature.  Here are three ways you can feed that love and strengthen your relationship with your writing.  This weekend, choose one of these three options and… Read more »

Why Writers Must Be Readers First

This is a DIY MFA Manifesto for Why Writers Must Be Readers First One year ago, I heard Richard Nash (Publisher of Red Lemonade) give a fascinating talk about how writers have to be readers.  His argument was that reading and writing are the opposite sides of the same interaction.  I remember thinking: OMG did… Read more »

Favorite Beginnings

On January 28th, my son was born and all last week, life has been a celebration firsts.  First day home from the hospital.  First feeding.  First diaper changed.  In honor of all these firsts, I thought I would make “Beginnings” this week’s theme for DIY MFA.  Later this week, I’ll discuss the ins and outs… Read more »

Copyright Resource List

As our “Legally Speaking” series winds down, I thought I would share some links and resources where you can find more information about copyright and legal issues for writers.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it can certainly help you get started. Law School Clinical Programs In addition to the resources and… Read more »

Weekend Prompt: Dive Into Reading

This week, we’ve talked about the nuts and bolts of reading. Now it’s time to put theory into action. Weekend Prompt: Do the following steps to analyze a piece of short form literature.  Don’t worry about making your answers to the questions cohesive or making them “look pretty” in a neat little essay.  Right now,… Read more »

Creative Practical Reading

Today we talk about a method for reading that I’ve developed for the classes I teach. Creative Practical Reading (AKA CPR) focuses on reading for the basics first, then moving on to higher level questions and issues. In medicine, CPR is all about making sure the injured person has a pulse and is breathing first…. Read more »

Size Matters: Reading Short Form Literature

A few weeks ago, we dedicated a week at DIY MFA to talk about reading.  In particular, we talked about why reading is important and how writers can choose the things they read to benefit their writing.  This week we focus again on reading, but this time looking it from a new angle.  We’re not… Read more »