Beyond John Grisham: A Guide to Legal Fiction

“I’ve read all of John Grisham’s books. What other legal fiction authors would you recommend?” This is probably the most common reading question I’m asked at my day job as a librarian. For a long time, there was only one other author that wrote like Grisham – Scott Turow. Turow is often credited with inventing… Read more »

Four Steps to an Inspiring Writing Routine

Last year, I attended a national writing conference. I settled into my seat for the spotlight author interview, pencil poised, ready to absorb lessons from this New York Times bestselling author. The moderator pulled out his list of questions, smiled at the author, and said, “I promise I won’t ask where you get your ideas.”… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Reasons to Let Go of Little Edits

Sometimes you need a break. A walk can refresh the brain cells. A change of scenery can spark new thoughts. Taking out the trash, or doing some other small but worthy action can be a perfect palliative.  Quick and focused, the sojourn lets you return to the keyboard undistracted and morally superior. But this article… Read more »

Strengthen Your Writing By Studying the Hero’s Journey

The number of articles, posts, academic theses, and books about The Hero’s Journey and its variants attests to the model’s enduring usefulness to both writers and academics. It’s a way into story structure from an anthropological, sociological, and psychological angle that will help deepen your understanding of other structural models and enrich your work. I… Read more »

Developing Themes In Your Stories, Part 11: The Climax

Every previous plot point has led up to this moment. The inciting incident ushered the protagonist into the main conflict. The Act I choice saw him committing to a goal influenced by that conflict. The midpoint gave him time to reflect and rethink his plans, and then the Act II crisis nearly destroyed his faith… Read more »