Productivity Tools for Writers

I love hearing writers talk about process and learning about new tools that can help my writing.  I’m especially a fan of things that lend a festive and fun element to my writing.  (Because let’s face it, a lot of the time writing is HARD.  Might as well make it fun.)  In this post I… Read more »

5 Ways to Liven Up a Description

This week, we’re talking about description and detail.  On Monday we established that Description Equals Does Not Equal Exposition.  Today we’re going to discuss how to make those descriptive passages more powerful.  Here are five tips, plus a writing exercise at the end to help you put them into action. 1) Engage the Five Senses…. Read more »

Description vs. Exposition

Dialogue is easy to spot because it has those nifty little quotation marks, but not all text that isn’t dialogue can be lumped together.  The difference between description and exposition can be tricky to determine but it is most definitely there.  The key is to remember this equation: How can we distinguish between description and… Read more »

Prompt: Make a Submission Schedule

This week we’ve discussed how to submit your work.  While we’ve focused on submitting to literary magazines and online literary markets, many of the same ideas also apply when querying agents.  Today’s prompt works equally well, whether you’re a writer of short fiction or poetry and looking for markets for your work, or if you’re… Read more »

How to Use Color Theory to Boost Your Writing

As you might have noticed, I’m really into design.  A graphic designer and product manager in a past life, you could say I’m a little bit obsessed with clean lines and balanced designs.  I love problem-solving so that form and function work together seamlessly.  One of the areas that most fascinates me in design is… Read more »

Set the Mood for Your Story With a Mood Collage

Remember back in grade school when we used to cut up magazines and glue the pictures on a board to make beautiful artwork?  Believe it or not, collaging is a great way for writers to explore and express the mood of their project. I learned the benefits of this technique when I was in design… Read more »

Prompt: Make A Writer’s Block Survival Kit

  Sometimes writer’s block is inevitable.  Suddenly–without even knowing how–you hit the wall and there’s nothing to do but try to break your way through it.  So what do in that situation?  Do you just sit and wallow in your inability to write? The secret to getting through writer’s block is write your way through… Read more »

5 Stages of Writer’s Block

Writers hurt when they can’t write. They may not realize it, but their behavior speaks volumes. Often, writers will go through a series of stages before they are ready to write again and these stages are similar to the Kübler-Ross stages of grief in psychology. In other words, when writers can’t write they grieve, so… Read more »

What To Do When You Have Writer’s Block

Every so often, writers hit a road block.  Sometimes we’re zipping along that writing highway and suddenly we take a detour and we’re off on a side road and boom!  We run into a herd of cattle hanging out in the middle of our path.  Sure, we could off-road it and drive through the pastures… Read more »