#5OnFri: 5 reasons To Attend My #WICon2015 Rock Your Revision Workshop

by Elisabeth Kauffman
published in Community

If you’re anything like me, when you’re in the throes of the creative process you end up throwing everything at the page and the kitchen sink, just trying not to stifle your muse or leave anything important out of the story you’re trying to tell. When you finally finish it’s tempting to just close the file and walk away. Actually, it’s recommended that you do allow yourself some space from your manuscript before you crack it open to do any sort of serious revision.

But eventually, if you want to be able to share that story with others, you have to come back to it. And then, even the thought of trying to make sense of your story’s timelines and characters can seem like an impossible task.

It’s no secret, revising is hard work! The good news is, there are ways to make the process more bearable, like these 5 things we’ll talk about at my #WICon2015 Rock Your Revisions workshop.

1) How Not to Feel Overwhelmed

You can totally do this. We’ll talk about building a game plan to get you from draft zero to draft done.

2) Questions to Get you Started

Sometimes the right question can lead you to just the insight you needed to figure out where to start your revision work. We’ll list some targeted questions you can ask and brainstorm more together.

3) The Revision Pyramid

It’s all about the revision pyramid, a five layered process that will make identifying problem areas in your manuscript and implementing their solutions so much easier!

4) Resources, Resources, Resources

I have some suggestions for gathering the resources you need to help you make the revision process as enjoyable as possible.

5) Why it’s Important Not to Revise Alone

It takes a village to write a book. Seriously. We’ll talk about when and why to build your revision team and who can help you at the different stages of the revision process.

If you’ve ever dreaded opening your manuscript for the first time since you typed “the end” because you know there’s a mountain of work waiting to be done, this workshop is for you. Sign up now! 


unnamedElisabeth Kauffman is a freelance editor in California. Her favorite genres are YA fantasy, sci-fi, and romance. She regularly obsesses over board games, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter. Come share your ideas with her on Facebook and Twitter–@WritingRefinery–and on the web at www.writingrefinery.com

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