#5onFri: 5 Writers Who Made an Impact at DIY MFA (and Their Posts)

by Bess Cozby
published in Community

This time of year we like to look back and highlight some of the awesome articles and contributors who made an impact on the DIY MFA site. As you know, we have an amazing roster of columnists who have contributed some phenomenal posts this past year, as well as several wonderful guest bloggers who have shared their wisdom and writing. Here are a few of the highlights from 2016.

Sara LetourneauSara 2015

Sara Letourneau’s column Theme: A Story’s Soul continues to be among the most highly-trafficked series of posts on the site. In her posts, Sara breaks down how theme works in various contexts, like in different character relationships or at different points in your story arc. This column is a must-read resource for any writer who wants enhance the theme in their story.

Check out these most popular posts from 2016 on symbolism and the inciting incident.

Robin Lovettsarah-lovett-photo-223x300-223x300

Robin Lovett is our resident romance and writing life expert. The author of Racing to You and another three forthcoming romance novels, Robin infuses her column, Let’s Write, with her knowledge of the romance genre as well as insights into the writing life, post signing an agent and publication. Her articles are a must-read for romance writers, as well as anyone looking to know more about what happens after the deal.

Check out two of her most popular posts from 2016, about what to do when your book doesn’t sell, and how to write a love scene!

Constance Renfrow

Constance Renfrow

Constance Renfrow is an editor as well as a writer, working as lead Editor for Three Rooms press as well as freelance editing and writing her own novels. In her column she sheds light on what happens on the publishing side of book production, with valuable insight for writers looking to be published along the way. Check out her column to learn more about an editor and publisher’s role, from manuscript to final book.

In two of her most popular posts this year, she discussed do’s and don’ts of query letters, and myths about the publishing industry.


Leanne Sowul

Writing can be a super stressful and taxing endeavor, and it’s so important that we writers take care of ourselves! Leanne Sowul’s column, Be Well, Write Well, is all about writing wellness, and how we can be our best while also rocking our craft.

Be encouraged by two of her top posts this year, the first about writing through tough times and the second about rekindling your passion for writing.


 Emily Wenstrom

As our resident platform and social media expert Emily has always shared great tips and techniques, but now as a debut author she can also speak from experience as someone who has applied these techniques to her own platform. In fact, she helped Gabriela build (and teach) the Pixels to Platform course which is launching next week. (Sign up for a free Webinar here).

In the meantime, check out this great article about how Emily jumpstarted her author platform.

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