#5onFri: Five Reasons to Join a Twitter Writing Sprint

by Linda Bernadette Burgess and Diane DeMasi Johnson
published in Community

A Twitter writing sprint is a set time and place where people join together and write. It’s no different than sitting down at your desk, coffee shop, local park, or favorite library to write. You can use any writing method you prefer; computer, pen and paper, dictation, anything.

So where does Twitter come in? Well, at some point we’ve all been sucked into the great white void of the blank page or stuck in a scene with nowhere to go. We all want a writing companion, some camaraderie to keep us going. Popping on Twitter for a writing sprint can provide that stimulus.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea or maybe even a Mimosa as we count down the top five reasons to join a Twitter writing sprint.

1) Location, Location, Location

We always hear this in real estate, but it also plays a major role for writers. Either we live in a central writing hub, or we don’t. Writing groups tend to form in larger cities, which can be great if you live there. But even if you live in the city it can be a pain to get there: buses take longer than a car, cars get stuck in traffic, and we all get tired of playing “round and round the block we go, where we’ll park, nobody knows.” A Twitter writing sprint cuts out the location factor. You can participate from wherever you are.

Plus, some days our writing time is limited. We don’t have time to drive 40 minutes to the nearest writers’ corner, write for an hour, and get back home. Online, you can be with others even if you only have ten minutes to write. And since you can do it from where you are, you can get writing immediately.

2) You’re Not Alone

Writing can be lonely. Theoretically, we know there is someone living somewhere in the world writing at the exact same moment we are. They may even be writing a similar story. But because we don’t see them or hear from them, we feel isolated. And sometimes we need to know that there is another person in the thick of it with us. That’s where Twitter Writing Sprints come in. You can log in at the predetermined writing time and know there’s someone there with you.

3) You Control The Interaction, as much or as little as you like

When we meet other writers at a designated location, we tend to chat and catch up. And that’s great. But most of us are introverted, and sometimes we’ve surpassed our social threshold, so chit-chatting is above what we are capable. On Twitter, you control the information. If you’re stuck and want to throw out a question, go for it. If you can’t bear the thought of anything more than, “Hey, I’m here. Working on the confounded scene in Chapter twenty,” you don’t have to contact anyone or participate in anything more.

Your level of interaction is completely under your control.

4) Support

You can get support and get back on track as soon as you need. Need a quick pick-me-up? Shout it out. “I’m stuck and I need a hand!” Need a character name? Ask and someone is likely to pitch out an idea or two.

That type of support leads us to the biggest reason to join a Twitter Writing Sprint…

5) Accountability

The main reason to join a Twitter writing sprint is for the accountability. When you write your goals down or share your goals with others, you’re more apt to fulfill those objectives.

You post your daily goal to the masses and, when you’re done, send out an encouragement to those still writing. Fess up on how well you did or didn’t do. It’s okay–we’re not perfect, we understand that some days will suck, but we also know that some days will rock.

A Twitter writing sprint will help you get more productive writing days in the books, so get out your calendar and make a date to write!

Linda Bernadette Burgess and Diane DeMasi Johnson met while participating in DIYMFA 101. They discovered they shared more than a desire to further their writing skills. They became accountability partners. That partnership grew into a friendship and led to the creation of WeGotThisWriteNow.com. Sprint with Linda and Diane using the hashtag #SprintWithWGT.




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