#5onFri: #WICon2015 Social Media Preview

by Emily Wenstrom
published in Community

It’s fall now, writers, and that means the Writer Igniter Con is just around the corner. October 24-25, ya’ll. It’s coming faster than you think.

I’m so excited to be a part of it, building from my social media strategy posts to cover a ton of great info for anyone trying to tweet and like their way to a loyal readership.

Here’s a quick teaser of five topics I’ll be covering to help you get as excited as I am:

1) Defining Your Audience

I’ll walk you through some key questions and points of consideration to define your online audience, so you know who you’re talking to with all those tweets, posts, and blogs.

2) Discovering Where You Want To Be on Social Media

At first, establishing your online presence can be pretty daunting, and it’s easy to feel like you need to be everywhere and posting all the time. But you don’t. True story. Instead, we’ll talk through how to find the best places for you to be, based on your temperament and target audience.

3) Real Author Examples

Throughout the presentation I’ll be pulling in examples of real authors who are out there hitting the digital pavement and seeing big returns for their efforts. These awesome writers have cracked the code to find that personal branding sweet spot online, and I’m going to break it all down for you so you can learn from what they’re doing right.

4) The Ever-Controversial Author’s Blog Question

Don’t even Google this question, too many opinions pop up. During my presentation I’ll share my own philosophy on this hot topic to help you decide if a blog is right for you.

5) Ask Me anything, I Dare You.

I mean, I’m not the best person to ask why the sky is blue, but I can refer you to someone.

Anything social media related, though, I’m your girl. Put my years marketing and public relations experience to work! We’re saving time just for you to fire away at me.

These are only a few of the things we’ll be covering during my “Writer’s Guide to Social Media” presentation—not to mention the other awesome stuff my fab colleagues have in store for you over the weekend, and the one and only Gabriela Pereira herself. The weekend event is going to cover everything from story outlining, to revisions, to agent panels, and more.

And it’s online, so you don’t even have to get out of your PJs if you don’t want to. (Really, who ever wants to?)

Are you registered for Writer Igniter Con yet? Don’t miss out—do it now!

ew_007_lowrezBy day, Emily Wenstrom, is the editor of short story website wordhausauthor social media coach, and freelance content marketing specialist. By early-early morning, she is E. J. Wenstrom, an award-winning sci-fi and fantasy author whose debut novel Mud was named 2016 Book of the Year by the Florida Writers Association.

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