New Columns at DIY MFA!

by Bess Cozby
published in Community

Hey there word nerds! You may have noticed that there are some new faces and names around here on Mondays and Tuesdays. We are SO excited to be launching these new columns, and bringing you more awesome advice and expertise to help you Write With Focus, Read With Purpose, and Build Your Community.

One of the most important aspects of DIY MFA is the awesome team of writers we’ve been able to assemble. I’m so proud to introduce you to these amazing columnists!

Helen J. Darling: Self Publishing: Methods, Mindset, and Magic

Self-publishing is no longer the last resort of writers who can’t get published elsewhere. For a multitude of reasons, authors—-both the traditionally published and new, emerging voices—-now choose self-publishing for a portion or all of their writing portfolio. In my column, we’ll examine the reasons why self-publishing might represent a smart strategy to achieve your goals. We’ll also explore the mindset necessary for making the most of this dynamic and empowering publishing option, as well as best practices to help improve your writing, reach more readers, and realize financial success.

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Rebecca Fish Ewan: Books With Pictures

In the Books with Pictures column, I introduce work that uses drawing as a significant voice in the narrative, such as in graphic memoir, comics poetry and children’s picture books. Work is chosen to illustrate how stories are told through the interplay of words and images, and to reveal tools and techniques writers can employee to bring drawing into their writing life. The intent is to excite readers to explore books with pictures and to encourage writers to draw.

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Bronwen Fleetwood: Oh, the Kidlit You’ll Write!

It’s an exciting time to be part of the kidlit community, which spans from picture books to chapter books to middle grade and young adult. Kidlit is pushing boundaries and making big sales. In my column, we’ll talk about writing for a younger audience, and the community that’s grown around a love of providing kids with great books.

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Elise Holland: The Craft and Business of Short Fiction

Elise is the editor of 2 Elizabeths, a literary magazine focused on poetry and short fiction, with an emphasis on romance and women’s fiction. She has a passion for the written word and frequently pens her own short stories and poems. in The Craft and Business of Short Fiction, Elise explores every facet of the publishing of short form work to help you understand the business and find success.

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Elisabeth Kauffman: Ask the Editor

In Ask the Editor, I try to help you find the answers to some of your burning questions about writing. Every writer needs a little advice from time to time—about a character or a theme, about a bit of grammar or a stylistic choice—even if all you need is a confirmation that you should trust your instincts. I’ve worked in the freelance editing business since 2012. I’ve worked with agents and publishing houses, independent clients and co-dependent clients. Over the years I’ve learned if there’s one thing I love, it’s helping writers reach that “Aha!” moment, when all the parts of the story clicks into place.

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Tammy Lough: Let’s Fall in Love

Tammy’s “Let’s Fall in Love” column is devoted to the writers of romance. Romance novels require unique sprinklings of love-dust, unlike any other genre. You will read the “how to and don’t do” of creating romance novels that not only sell but satisfy your readers’ every expectation. These articles will delve into the unique paradigms of romance with its many genres and sub-genres while focusing on the relationship between two people as they overcome conflicts and resolutions on their journey to happily ever after.

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Pamela Taylor: Past Perfect

Past Perfect is not a claim so much as an aspiration for all of us who write historical fiction. This column calls attention to some things you may not have thought much about, and stimulates ideas for new dimensions to give our historical stories depth and texture while keeping them well-grounded in fact.

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Please join us in welcoming Helen, Rebecca, Bronwen, Elise, Elisabeth, Tammy, and Pamela to the DIY MFA Team!

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