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by Gabriela Pereira
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The thing that writers most often say they love about DIY MFA 101 is the vibrant community. And I have to say that this is probably my favorite aspect of the class as well.

Writers who join DIY MFA 101 are dedicated and independent, but also quick to share ideas and give each other support. It’s a combination of the DIY mindset and the MFA workshop environment, and it’s what makes this class so dear to my heart.

A perfect example of how this community has taken on a life of its own is how the first 101 class decided to form a critique group. With a few tips and ideas from me, this group of intrepid writers formed an independent workshop where they exchange pages and offer each other critique. What I love about this is that it fully embodies what it means to be a DIY writer. These people didn’t wait for “permission” to form a critique group, and they didn’t wait for me or a member of the DIY MFA team to do it for them. They just did it. It’s this kind of resourcefulness and independence that makes me so sure that DIY writers will do well.

From actively participating in the 101 Facebook group, to volunteering as class ambassadors, the writers in 101 have helped make this course (and the class community) the rewarding experience that it is. And what’s great is that with each passing session, several alumni stay on for a second or third term so the community only grows richer.

I could gush for hours about how much I love these writers, but instead I’ll let their words speak for themselves. This is an incredible community and I am so honored and grateful to be able to lead it. It’s a privilege to have so many smart, insightful writers in the DIY MFA community. In the video below, you can hear past students share their experiences and advice.


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