CASA: Create a Writing Network that Feels Like Home

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Community

Welcome back to the DIY MFA video series designed to help you write more, write better, write smarter. Today you’ll hear about how you can create a writing network that will nurture and support your work.

Video 2: Build Your Writing Network

Today’s video is all creating that writing network, that safe haven that will feed your creativity and support your writing. Your writing network is more than just a critique group or writer friends, it encompasses your entire writing life. By casting a wide net you’ll assemble a network that feeds all four aspects of your writing life.

There are four components that you need in your writing network. Use the acronym CASA to make sure you include all four in your writing life. Note: CASA means home in Portuguese, which is significant because your writing network is like a home for your writer’s soul.

  • C is for Critique
  • A is for Accountability
  • S is for Support
  • A is for Advice

No one group or individual will have every piece of the CASA puzzle, but if you create a diverse network, you’ll be able to cover all four of these components.

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