Episode 430: Finding Inspiration and Writing Purpose-Driven Fiction – Interview with Carol Van Den Hende

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Podcast

Today, Lori is interviewing Carol Van Den Hende. They’ll be talking about finding purpose and her new book Orchid Blooming.

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In this episode Carol Van Den Hende and Lori discuss:

  • Finding freedom in the different experience that each reader has with a story.
  • Crafting your purpose and gaining energy from it.
  • Creating characters that inspire fondness and familiarity in readers.

Plus, her #1 tip for writers.

About Carol Van Den Hende

Carol Van Den Hende is the award-winning author of the Goodbye, Orchid series. She’s also a speaker, global marketer, digital strategist, Climate Reality Leader and Board Trustee. One secret to her good fortune? Her humorous husband and twins, who prove that love really does conquer all.

You can find her on her website or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkTree, LinkedIn, Bookbub and Goodreads. You can also get a chapter for free by entering your email here.

Goodbye, Orchid

What happens when an entrepreneur suffers an accident that changes him forever and he has to decide: to love his woman, will he need to leave her?

One July morning in Manhattan, handsome athlete and entrepreneur Phoenix Walker accompanies his love, half-Asian beauty Orchid Paige, to the airport. Neither believes today is goodbye.

But soon after Orchid leaves, disaster strikes.

Phoenix wakes in the hospital, broken, forever changed.

He’s longing for her, but he also remembers that she’s been traumatized by witnessing the death of her parents. Now that he’s the very image of trauma, he’s faced with the hardest decision of his life. Does he burden the woman whose childhood makes him feel protective of her? Or does true love mean having to say Goodbye, Orchid?

Rising from ashes is hard. Leaving the one you love is harder.

Orchid Blooming

A childhood tragedy followed her into adult life. Will she ever claim real happiness again?

Kind and generous, twenty-seven-year-old Orchid Paige will never forget that day. Living as best she can after witnessing her parents’ fatal accident, the beauty industry marketer yearns to win a promotion to China to connect to her mom’s ancestry. But with competition fierce, she despairs she’ll never make the grade… until she meets an encouraging man who makes her feel safe despite her usual distrust.

After Orchid convinces the handsome entrepreneur to let her gain experience at his nonprofit project, she’s determined to keep their relationship professional and ignore their powerful attraction. But when working on his military ad campaign for veterans triggers her own unresolved PTSD, she fears her confident mentor may be too good to be true even if she could trust him with her heart.

Can she conquer her vulnerabilities before she loses her chance at forever?

Orchid Blooming is the captivating first book in the Goodbye, Orchid contemporary fiction series. If you like complex characters overcoming trauma, heart-warming stories, and compassionate connections, then you’ll adore award-winning author Carol Van Den Hende’s emotionally satisfying page-turner.

If you decide to check out these books, we hope you’ll do so via these Amazon affiliate links: Goodbye, Orchid, Orchid Blooming, where if you choose to purchase via the link DIY MFA gets a referral fee at no cost to you! As always, thank you for supporting DIY MFA!

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