World Reading Habits in 2021 

by Isabel Cabrera
published in Reading

How much did the world read in 2021? That’s what Global English Editing set out to answer in their great new infographic, World Reading Habits in 2021.

They dig into all sorts of metrics to put the world’s reading habits into perspective.

Did you know that Europeans are the world’s biggest bookworms and many spend at least one hour each day reading? In particular, Finland, Poland, and Estonia lead the pack here.

Reading is considered a leisure activity in African households, with 7 out of every 10 adults claiming that they read for fun.

And it seems that more Americans are reading books! Almost 25% more than 2020, to be exact.
If you’re curious about how much the world was reading in 2021, and exactly what and how they were reading, you’ll love the infographic below.

Tell us in the comments: What insights about world reading habits surprised you the most? The least?

Isabel Cabrera is a writer, bookworm, and content manager for Global English Editing.

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