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“No puffballs and promises here, only the practical tools and mindset every writer needs to make success a reality.”

James Scott Bell, bestselling author of PLOT & STRUCTURE

“With infectious energy and enthusiasm, Gabriela Pereira shows you how to follow a DIY path to writing, reading as a writer, and building a writers’ community.”

Barbara Baig, author of SPELLBINDING SENTENCES

“Gabriela Pereira will challenge you to be bolder and more rigorous in your writing, and more enterprising in how you bring your work to market.”

Mark McGuinness, poet, creative coach, and author of RESILIENCE

“Writing is a field that favors the self-starter. That said, we all get lonely and need the graceful companionship and humorous rigor found at DIY MFA.”

Stuart Horwitz, author of BOOK ARCHITECTURE