7 Ways I Jumpstarted My Author Platform

I’m a marketing professional and blogger who runs an online short story publication … so I’ve been in the game of building an audience online for years. It’s what I do for clients, and it’s also been, essentially, a personal hobby. But when it came time for my first novel to get published earlier this… Read more »

Patience While Platforming

I’ve been working in social media, blogging and all-around online platforming for about as long as I’ve had a career. I’ve even dabbled in some myself, as a writer and freelancer. But I didn’t launch my own author platform until this fall, when I got a publisher and made the decision to use a pseudonym…. Read more »

What to do About Twitter Non-Followers

In my last column, I talked about using the follow-back practice to build a following. In this one, we’ll look at what you should do when others don’t follow you back. As a quick recap, so we’re all moving forward from the same understanding: The follow-back strategy is based on the Twitter etiquette that if… Read more »

Folla’ Back! Pros & Cons of Mass Following on Twitter

At ThrillerFest, a social media expert introduced me to a new concept for Twitter platform growth: what I’ve started calling the follow-back tactic. In short, you search for and follow people in your target audience, and you follow them. They follow you back to reciprocate, and everyone’s platforms grow. So simple! I couldn’t believe I’d… Read more »

#5onFri: #WICon2015 Social Media Preview

It’s fall now, writers, and that means the Writer Igniter Con is just around the corner. October 24-25, ya’ll. It’s coming faster than you think. I’m so excited to be a part of it, building from my social media strategy posts to cover a ton of great info for anyone trying to tweet and like… Read more »

How to Use Hashtags to Grow Your Platform

Hashtags are nothing new anymore. But using them can still be awkward or even confusing for many, especially if you’re just getting your feet wet in a new network. Even if you’ve already got the basics down, are they actually growing your following? There’s a big difference between the occasional hashtag #justbecause and one that… Read more »

ThrillerFest: Bestselling Authors Talk Character Development

Character development was widely (if unsurprisingly) regarded as one of the foundational pillars of writing a good story among the many top-selling authors present at this year’s ThrillerFest. In fact, “character” was the first of Steve Berry’s “6 C’s of Story Structure.” As Dale Brown said, “What is character? The motivations that drive the story …… Read more »

ThrillerFest: The Writer’s Life

Over the course of this year’s ThrillerFest, the highs and lows of the writer’s life—both as a craft and as a business—were discussed at length. In one-on-one interviews with genre titans Mark Billingham, Charlaine Harris, and Thrillermaster Nelson DeMille, as well as in a number of breakout panels, many of the participating authors shared about… Read more »

Thrillerfest: Industry Experts on Platforming

At this year’s ThrillerFest, discussions about platforming and marketing focused heavily on social media. Lynne Constantine suggested writers should of social media as a virtual cocktail party, in terms of how you should interact with others—it’s about connections, not sales. So don’t let social media platforming intimidate you—Kimberley Cameron assured that “It’s nothing to be… Read more »

ThrillerFest: Top Quotes from the Industry Greats

ThillerFest was busting at the seams with the industry’s legends and heavy hitters, including legendary names like Sandra Brown and this year’s Thriller Master Nelson DeMille, along with the creators of beloved famous characters like Rambo, Dr. Temperance Brennan, and Sookie Stackhouse. The four-day event was crammed to the brim with presentations, panels and author… Read more »