Writing Full Time: When Writing Is Your Life

Writing full time. Every writer’s fantasy, right? It’s our ultimate goal, isn’t it? Selling enough books to quit the day job. I’ve been testing the theory over the last four weeks on an extended break from my day job, and I have to confess, I’m not sure if it’s my ultimate fantasy anymore. I know…. Read more »

The Doubt Monsters of Writing Book Two

In the last four months, I’ve gone from a writing obsessed hobbyist to a querying hobbyist to an agented writer to a writer with a book on submission. Seeing my endless hours of toiling bear fruit is exiting and wonderful. But it’s also terrifying. Giving up control of my book has been hard. I never… Read more »

Writing Groups: How to Talk to Other Writers

Picture this: You finally sit down to write your first novel. You’ve been brainstorming it for years, since childhood really, and thinking about it has taken over your life. It gnaws at you , creeps down your fingertips and through your pores until you have no choice but to sit down and write it. You’re… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Ways Twitter Has Made Me a Better Writer

Everyone touts Twitter as great for building a target audience. Starting a platform, they call it. But to get on Twitter solely for the purpose of selling books I haven’t even published yet? I’m bored already. I need more instant gratification for motivation to decipher the crazed universe of Twitter. There are obvious benefits: making… Read more »

Writing Groups: Backyard v. Inbox

I love hanging out with writers. Sometimes in-person, sometimes online, and one of the best perks is that it’s not just social, it’s good for my writing too. Other writers aren’t just my friends, they’re my business colleagues. When I can, I’m writing with my local writing group, but when I can’t, I’m plugged in… Read more »