Rebecca Fish Ewan

Books with Pictures Columnist

Rebecca Fish Ewan is a poet/cartoonist/writer and founder of Plankton Press, where small is big enough. Her writing, cartoons and hybrid-form work has appeared in Brevity, Punctuate, Under the Gum Tree, Mutha and Hip Mama.

Zine maker and Associate Professor in The Design School at Arizona State University (her creative writing MFA home), Rebecca loves sharing her diverse experience in creating hybrid-form writing/drawing. She has degrees in mathematics, landscape architecture and creative writing (poetry). She’s been drawing ever since she picked up a crayon as a toddler. Her favorite pencil is the black Ticonderoga #2.

She has two books of creative nonfiction: A Land Between (2000, Johns Hopkins University Press) and a cartoon/free verse memoir, By the Forces of Gravity (June 2018, Books by Hippocampus). Rebecca grew up in Berkeley, California, where she taught calculus, bicycling and SCUBA, but now lives in Arizona with her family.

Twitter: @rfishewan

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