#5OnFri: Five Impactful Five-On-Fridays

by Bess Cozby
published in Writing

We’ve had an amazing year here at DIY MFA, with so much more to come in 2016! We’ve expanded our team, had a blast hosting our first Writing Conference and, to cap it off, Gabriela turned in the DIY MFA book — and next year, it will be coming out in the world! There is so much ahead in 2016, and so much to be grateful for in 2015.

I have the great privilege of managing our editorial calendar, and hosting so many wonderful writers on this site. We believe whole-heartedly in building the community aspect of DIY MFA. One of the ways we’ve tried to do this is through the #5OnFri posts. Our goal in starting this series was to bring more voices to DIY MFA, and this year, we’ve done just that, bringing an array of articles and advice from DIY MFA columnists and guests.

These are five “Five on A Friday” posts that made a big impact in 2015. If you haven’t read them yet, check out the links below, and if you have an idea for a “Five on a Friday,” email me at bess@diymfa.com!

And for even more “oldies but goodies” check out the links listed in our writing, reading and community resources pages.

The Top Five #5OnFri Posts in 2015

4673ad622bc2caef15cb527e7be59cee-575x431Five World-Building Tips for Writers of All Genres

By: Sara Letourneau

Sara Letourneau writes for us regularly on developing themes in our stories. In this Five On Friday, she goes in a (slightly) different direction, offering some little-known advice for world-building that can be used by writers of all types of fiction, not just genre.

7b3ebfff6d2174e14a66b203c4e79e46-575x4315 Suggestions for Becoming an Excellent Writer

By: Barbara Baig

We were so happy to host writing teacher Barbara Baig, who treated us to five tips on how to pursue excellence in your writing. The blogosphere is full of advice for writers about self-promotion, building online relationships, self-branding, creating a platform, and more. But the truth is, if you ask most agents and editors what they’d most like to see from a new writer, the answer is almost always, “Great writing.” For more on how to do just that, check out Barbara’s piece!

image-575x428Upper-Middle Grade Fantasy and Science Fiction

By: Amy Bearce

Middle Grade and YA are both hugely popular categories, and this is especially true in fantasy and science fiction, with millions of young readers gobbling up series after series. But making the jump from middle grade to YA will look different for every kid. In this article, Amy Bearce, a DIY MFA columnist and author, recommends five books for kids who have graduated from the younger middle grade, but aren’t quite ready for more mature YA.

0b9ae9a85bd8e391745156f98074dcf7-575x431Five Ways to Create a Likeable Anti-Hero

By: Sharon Bayliss

Readers love anti-heroes, but they can be difficult to write. Even the edgiest, darkest protagonists have to be likable, or the reader will put the book down.In this article, Sharon Bayliss, author of Destruction, offers five tips for humanizing an anti-hero, just enough to keep a reader invested!


0804091ece3d323b08234488f0f8f9ad-575x431Five Tips for Creating a Writing Office in Any Room

By: Bess Cozby

Living in New York, I’ve dealt with my fair share of small spaces and office nooks, rather than actual writing offices. I’ve discovered you can make a cozy writing nook just about anywhere. In this article, I offer five tips for creating an office, no matter how much space you have to work with!


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bess-cozbyBess Cozby writes epic stories in expansive worlds from her tiny apartment in New York City. By day, she’s an Editor at Tor Books, and Web Editor for DIY MFA. Her work is represented by Brooks Sherman of the Bent Agency. Tweet her at @besscozby, contact her at bess@diymfa.com, or visit her website at www.besscozby.com.



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