7DayStory: FREE Short Story Workshop and Q&A

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Writing

Join me and Julie Duffy of StoryADay.org us for a FREE Short Story Workshop next week. We’ll be talking about the tiered revision process that inspired our collaborative project–7DayStory–and you’ll have a chance to ask both of us questions about writing, short stories, and the 7DayStory Challenge.

Here are the details:

7DayStory Workshop and Q&A

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 1PM ET
This workshop is FREE and space is limited.

Register here.

What is 7DayStory?

7DayStory is a challenge where you write and revise a short story in one week. In this challenge you’ll learn to:

  • Finish your first draft in a day or two, before you lose momentum
  • Revise the story over the next few days in several passes
  • Connect with other writers to find sources of support and feedback.
  • Release the story to trusted readers, or perhaps even publications.
  • Repeat the process often, to learn from your experiences and reinforce the writing habit.

We’re running the 7DayStory challenge again starting July 1 but we wanted to give you an extra boost for this round. That’s why Julie and I decided to host this free workshop, to help give you that added jolt of inspiration and energy so you can rock the 7DayStory Challenge!

Even if you decide not to do the 7DayStory Challenge in July, this workshop will give you a structured approach to help make your writing and revision process more organized, focused and manageable. You can apply these same concepts to your novel, memoir or other narrative piece of writing.

What are you waiting for? Register for the FREE workshop now!

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p.s. We’ll be making a big announcement during the workshop so join us and be among the first to hear this exciting news!

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