Introducing Lit Loft 2013

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Writing

I am so excited to share this news on the website with you today! This has been in the works for months now and today finally enough of the pieces are in place that I can share details with you.

Lit Loft 2013–a DIY MFA online event event–is officially a go. Watch the website because registration opens later this week. Also, over the next few weeks, the Lit Loft Team will be rolling out profiles on each of our guest speakers. We have an amazing line-up so stay tuned!

And, if you really want to be in the know, sign up with your email and get free Lit Loft updates. We’re sharing a free video training series (the first one is already live) and we’re giving an exclusive promo code to the event but we’re only sharing it on this list.

Want in? Go here to sign up.

What is Lit Loft?

Lit Loft is a unique online event designed to help serious writers get their stories on the page and improve the quality of their work. But most of all, Lit Loft is about developing skills for “writing smarter” so you can make the most of your valuable writing time and make your writing life part of your real life.

A cross between an online course and a writing conference, Lit Loft combines elements from both. Like an online class, sessions are spread over several weeks and are held LIVE in a virtual classroom. And like a conference, Lit Loft also features an line-up of top guest speakers so you’ll get to hear directly from experts on each topic.

But Lit Loft is not just about sitting back and listening to speakers talk, it’s about putting concepts into action. In our private members area you’ll have access to bonus materials, like worksheets and additional videos to help you implement the techniques you learn from each speaker. And in case you miss a live session or want to listen to a session again, you’ll have access to all the recordings.

As your host, I’ll be right there with you, moderating each speaker session. Sign up with your email and you’ll be the first to know when registration opens. You’ll also get access to the FREE pre-event bonuses.

And don’t forget to save the dates.

LIVE Speaker Sessions – Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 4pm ET
September 24 – October 31, 2013


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