Episode 2: Build Your Writing Practice

Inspiration is for sissies. If you have to wait for inspiration to write, you’re in trouble. This is because you’re at the mercy of your muse, who may or may not choose to take the occasional day (or month) off. To combat this problem, you need to build your writing practice and learn to write even… Read more »

Episode 1: Write More, Write Better, Write Smarter

Welcome to the first episode of DIY MFA Radio, our new podcast! I’m so happy to share this creative adventure with you. This weekly show will offer tips and techniques that you can apply to your writing practice right now. My goal is to help you get those words on the page and finish that book… Read more »

Introducing our Podcast: DIY MFA Radio

DIY MFA is launching a podcast! OMG, right? Here at DIY MFA we are so excited to share this with you because it’s been secretly in the works for the last six months at least. Honestly, I don’t know if I could have kept the secret much longer. We’re scheduled to launch our first episode next… Read more »