Character Archetypes: The Disruptor and the Underdog

Hey word nerds! We’re continuing my series on your storytelling superpower today by digging into the first two of four character archetypes. But first a quick recap: In my first post, we talked about how character, more than plot, world or any other story element, drives a story forward. If your reader doesn’t care about… Read more »

Why Is the Theme of Man and the Natural World Important?

How often do you come across nature? Even if you live in an urban area, the answer is probably, “Every day.” You see, nature isn’t limited to trees, animals, and bodies of water. It also includes the seasons, precipitation, extreme weather events, and seismic activity. As a result, the natural world can impact every aspect… Read more »

Watch With Purpose: Writing Lessons from Television

Over the last ten months, as I’ve been on this journey of one full year of fiction writing, I’ve gone through a multitude of creative highs and lows. When I’ve been in a good place with my writing and imagination, I’ve managed to finish creative projects way ahead of schedule. (For example, I had planned… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Ways to Balance Writing and Parenting

After my son was born I had a moment of panic wondering if I’d ever be able to write again. Suddenly, my world began revolving around late-night feedings, diapering, and swaddling, which left me concerned about how my creativity would fare in this new reality. I’m four years into parenting now, and although my writing… Read more »

bernard cornwell

Conversations: Bernard Cornwell

On November 26th, the latest opus from Bernard Cornwell – Sword of Kings  – will be available in bookstores in the US. If you’re already a fan of The Last Kingdom Series, then you’re no doubt as eager as I am for the newest volume. If you haven’t yet explored Cornwell’s work, then don’t wait… Read more »


The Secret to Creating an Irresistible Protagonist

In my last post, we discussed how a protagonist is the driving force behind every story. And there are four distinct types of protagonists, and different writers are drawn to different ones. They all exist on a spectrum, between what a character wants and his or her personality. Which do you gravitate towards? Let’s take… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Ways to Write What You Want to Understand

Most people are familiar with Hemingway’s writing advice encouraging storytellers to, “Write what you know.” But what most of us “know” comes from first not knowing — from daring to journey toward understanding. Writing fiction well requires we provoke our reader’s curiosity and wonder; but how can we as writers feel either curious or wonder-filled… Read more »

Five Tactics to Battle Impostor Syndrome

Many writers, especially those early in their careers, suffer from impostor syndrome: the persistent feeling that one is fraudulent and doesn’t belong in one’s chosen field, and it’s only a matter of time before the world uncovers that fact. Such feelings can be magnified if you’re self-publishing. Without the external validation of an agent choosing… Read more »

#5onFri: Five Tips for Writing Nail-Biting Suspense

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s prime time to read — and write! — some spooky, scary stories. And whether you’re a fan of the classic ghost story à la M.R. James, the darkly imaginative tales of Stephen King, or Gillian Flynn’s unique brand of psychological horror, you probably realize that all… Read more »

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Unleash Your Storytelling Superpower

Hey Word Nerds! Gabriela here. This is the first of a super special series of four articles discussing one of my favorite topics — your storytelling superpower. I’m so excited to share it with you!  Some say that at the heart of every story, you find a compelling character. I agree… almost. Characters are more… Read more »