Romantic Gestures Create Heat Waves

Talk is cheap. Rather than words, supply your characters with romantic gestures to back up their sweet little nothings. Your reader will love your character’s creative actions and so will an agent who considers your manuscript.  A reader plucks your romance novel from the shelf to lose herself in a world she can only imagine…. Read more »

Where Do I Put a Comma?

The comma is confusing and controversial. Seriously. In 2018, a Maine dairy company had to award $5 million in backpay to drivers—all due to a missing Oxford comma in their contract. If you want to make sure a missing or misplaced comma doesn’t ruin your manuscript, keep reading. Commas are one of the hardest punctuation… Read more »

work-life balance

Finding Work-Life Balance as a Full-Time Author

As I sit here writing about how to be a full-time author AND take weekends and evenings off, creating that perfect work-life balance, there is some real irony in the fact that it is currently Saturday afternoon. But to my defense, it is just a few days before I release a new book.  While September… Read more »

tackle writing fears

12 Spooky Articles to Tackle Writing Fears

October is a scary month. Not only do we have Halloween, but we’re also all realizing that the end of the year is coming up fast, and that’s frightening in itself. But as writers, we have a whole other set of fears. From battling imposter syndrome to self-publishing, there are a lot of difficult aspects… Read more »

historical mystery

#5onFri: Five Tips for Writing a Historical Mystery

I love a good mystery! And I especially love a good historical mystery.  Who killed the Princes in the Tower? (Hint: It was not Richard III.)  Did Princess Anastasia survive the murder of her family?  Was Elizabeth I really a virgin Queen, or did she allow herself to be seduced by the dashing Robert Dudley?… Read more »


Hacks to Combat Writer’s Block and Develop Discipline

Nothing excites me more than a new writing project. It’s one of the reasons why I’m in this wonderful profession of stringing beautiful words together to form an idea or a tale. It always starts with my heart jumping, adrenaline pumping, soul soaring high and then just like that, I have amazing prose and a… Read more »