Title Image: Focus on the Story, Not Word Count

Focus on the Story, Not Word Count

I hit a wall halfway through writing my debut novel. This is not unusual; as writers, this happens to most of us at one time or another. When I get blocked, it’s often only for a few days. I know all the tricks to fix the stoppered bottle of my brain: get outside, go for… Read more »

Title Image: Discovering Ekphrasis Poetry

Discovering Ekphrasis Poetry

Getting Too Personal So I don’t want to get too personal here but when I noodle around with my poetry—that’s exactly what I do. My first drafts are awkward, embarrassing, dripping with messy feelings. What comes out is the emotional equivalent of the sticky, oozy goo that comes out of the bottom of my car… Read more »

Title Image:Life of a Writer—Episode 2: The Unthinkable

Life of a Writer—Episode 2: The Unthinkable

In this column, Life of a Writer, every 8 weeks or so I will share the next episode in my journey as a middle-aged woman who finally gets serious about her dream of becoming a published author. This episode is about continuing on after the unthinkable happens. In Episode 1 of this column, I wrote… Read more »

Title Image: Small Press Publishing Might Solve All Your Problems

Small Press Publishing Might Solve All Your Problems

When publishing routes are so often discussed in terms of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing, it’s easy to forget about options beyond the binary—and even as someone who works in publishing, I’ll freely admit that I don’t talk about small presses enough! So while my previous column reinforced that trad pub/self-pub dichotomy, today I want to… Read more »

The Unsavory Side of Authenticity

In my previous article, we took a look at the world-building aspect of writing historical fiction and our responsibility, as writers, to represent the past faithfully. As we strive for authenticity, however, it’s inevitable that we’ll come face to face with some things that might be considered quite unsavory within the context of today’s norms…. Read more »


Feed Your Senses for a Bounty of Creativity

In this time of Zoom, many creators have found it difficult to compose anything. Authors have said the lack of external stimulation has made it difficult to engage with the creative process. Writers find inspiration from the world around them, whether it’s a snippet of overhead conversation, a waft of a particular scent that brings… Read more »


#5onFri: Five Tips to Ace the Art of Retelling

A hot trend in publishing right now is retelling. From the poetry of stars to the chords of the dreamland, even in the echo of tales once told, inspiration is everywhere. Whatever inky thoughts decorate the several hundred pages is a unique journey of fresh perspective. But sometimes a pair of novel glasses are put… Read more »