Anatomy of Love Scene, Part Two

The first requirement of a love scene is that it forwards the plot and character developments in the story. Especially in a scene of real intimacy, the farther the characters go in their physical relationship, the more it affects them. But, truth time, how can sex move a plot? Apply it to real life: if… Read more »

A Case Study on Courage as a Literary Theme

Whether we call it bravery or courage, today’s subject is defined as “the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous.” It allows us to find the moral or mental strength to face our fears and make unthinkable choices. An admirable trait, indeed – and one that’s often reflected at a higher… Read more »

7 Ways to Re-Kindle Your Passion For Writing

From my writing desk’s window this morning, I see dull brown grass trimmed with splotches of melting snow, bare trees, and a gray sky. January is hardly the most inspiring time of year, at least not for those of us living in a seasonal climate. Yet that cold and boring outside has its upside: it… Read more »

Goal-Setting for Writers

You are WRITER. You are a wizard who takes funny-shaped squiggles on the page and weaves them into stories that mean something. Your words have the potential to tug at people’s emotions and even change their minds. This is magic in its purest form. Other people go through life completely oblivious to the magic that… Read more »

Back Away From the Delete Key: Censorship in Kidlit

Self-censorship is a tricky topic for those of us who write for children and youth. People have very strong opinions about what they think children should be exposed to in stories—and not everyone agrees about it. Fiction may not be technically true, but the best fiction still tells the truth. What truth do you want… Read more »

#5onFri: Writing Apps to Help You Finish That Book

I’m always on the lookout for writing apps that will boost my productivity and make all my creative troubles disappear. You know what I’m talking about: that perfect app that combines the power of a PC with the form-meets-function beauty of a Mac. Oh, and it writes your book for you too. Yeah, right. The… Read more »

Communication as a Literary Theme: A Case Study

Everyone communicates in some manner every day. We use emails, phone calls, and face-to-face conversations to share ideas, information, and feelings with other people. What happens, though, when communication is hindered by language, developmental disorders, or other barriers? Or when there’s a misunderstanding? Those obstacles can affect our relationships and prevent us – or our… Read more »

Anatomy of a Love Scene, Part One

I write romance, so yeah, I love love scenes. I enjoy writing them. It’s a lot of fun. I look forward to them. Contrary to what many think, though, those love scene aren’t always sexual. It can be any moment of intimacy between two characters, a simple touch of a hand. Not necessarily skin to… Read more »

#5OnFri: Five Impactful Five-On-Fridays

We’ve had an amazing year here at DIY MFA, with so much more to come in 2016! We’ve expanded our team, had a blast hosting our first Writing Conference and, to cap it off, Gabriela turned in the DIY MFA book — and next year, it will be coming out in the world! There is so… Read more »