#5onFri – Five Websites For Writers to Geek Out Over

by Diane DeMasi
published in Community

Writer’s love pens that gracefully slide across the page leaving an even line of ink with no globs or faded patches. We love a good coffee or tea mug that fits our hand just right, that keeps our beverage toasty warm and the design that flaunts our personality.

We love to stock up on writing supplies and books and gadgets that make us drool. So take a break, refill your coffee and dive into some writer fun at these five websites. Dream, play, stock up on supplies, and then get back to your project fully refreshed.

1) Levenger

                This site offers luxury items from paper to leather book bags. The paper is smooth and clean. Pens and pencils glide over the surface. One of their top items is their line of notebooks. Their Circa Notebooks are made with a particular punch that works with their discs instead of a spiral or book binding, which allows you to pull a sheet out and easily insert it anywhere else in the notebook. No more worries of connecting similar notes. They even have storyboard paper.

2) DIY MFA Writer Igniter

                                      DIY MFA has a wealth of information to ignite a writing spark, whether you’re looking for an article on character building or an interview with your favorite author, it’s here. If all those options don’t light a fire, swing over to the Writer Igniter and hit the “shuffle” button. It’s like gambling for writers. One click gives you a character, a situation, a prop, and a setting. It’s kind of addicting so you may need to disable your internet after the third, fourth, thirty-sixth spin.

3) The Book Depository

I love discovering new bookstores, but I usually fall back on Amazon if I can’t find what I want or if I don’t feel like a forty-minute drive. In which case discovering a new online bookstore thrills me almost as much as a physical store (nothing beats picking up a book, flipping the pages, taking a whiff). If you’re in need of a new book supplier, check this place out. They have nearly everything.

4) Moleskine

We all know about the nifty notebooks they carry. Definitely check out all the bags, planners, pens and office items, but (and this is where the link will take you) go to drool over the new Smart Writing Set. It’s pricey, but it’s a writer’s dream. You write notes with the pen and it transfers everything you write or draw directly to your computer, tablet, or phone. Did I mention it does this at the same moment you’re writing? Yeah. I’ve already told my husband this would suffice for a year’s worth of gifts.

5) JetPens

You can spend a whole day finding writing goodies here. Pens of all kinds: roller ball, felt tip, calligraphy, fountain, brush. Pencils: tall and thin, small and stubby, colorful, watercolor. Markers in everything from massively thick and bold, to light and fine. Washi tape to mark off sections in your datebook or calendar. Paper in all its glorious forms: Notebooks, blank, tracing, unusual sizes and regular sizes, colored and plain, graph or lined. The best thing is, this site has items for every budget.

What are your favorite websites to shop or dream shop or light a fire to kick-start your writing project? Let me know in the comments, or on social media using the hashtag #5OnFri!

20141017_085016-e1415407367531Diane DeMasi lives in the state of Washington where the overcast skies and her over-active imagination fuel dark stories. She shares creepy pictures, creepy stories, heartfelt stories, and funny moments on her Facebook page. Her work has most recently appeared in PIF Magazine.


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