#5OnFri: Five Gifts for Your Writing Friends

by Alicia Audrey
published in Community

Christmas shopping can be tough, especially when you want to give special gifts that make the recipients smile, assuring them that you know them, and you’ve been paying attention. Writers are one of the easiest groups of people to shop for, but for some reason, people are often stumped. They have no idea what a writer wants or needs. As a writer – and one who loves receiving presents – I could go on forever with a lengthy list of things I would love to see on Christmas day. For now, here’s a list of five items every writer could use. Trust me. You just can’t go wrong.

Five Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

 1) The Perfect Pen

Enough could never be said about the perfect pen. Unscented glycerin soap may get the job done, but there’s something of pretty colors and scents that make the shower or bath experience more inviting and luxurious. The same is true of pens. A pen, like the words it writes, is a work of art. Sure, writers can make a tool from a hotel, car rental company, bank, or insurance company can work, but we all appreciate a beautiful pen. Make your writer friends want to sit down and outline her next novel, or edit the first draft of his manuscript. Dream pens vary from writer to writer. Some of us love Pilot P-500 pens while others could really get into fountain pens. Some writers can’t stand anything but a felt tip. Some writers love a bit of style. If you’re going for big impact, opt for a handmade pen. Check out Etsy for amazing choices in wooden pens and handturned acrylic pens in your favorite writer’s preferred type and color.

2) A Writing Journal

No writer ever has enough notebooks or journals. We all welcome more into our offices, homes, and glove compartments. They come in handy for note-taking, free writing, novel planning, doodling, and recording the mini-stories of our daily lives. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. From leather-bound to spiral notebooks and snap covers to wrap-around ribbons, the choices are endless. Journals leave a lot of room for personalization. You can write an inspiring message on the first page, or scribble a few writing prompts throughout the pages. If you’re an artist, you may like to draw a few pictures as prompts, or to add a personal touch.

3) Writing software

Writing can be quite the task, especially when there are multiple projects on the go. Luckily, a few geniuses have developed programs and platforms to make it easy for us to plan, organize, write, and export our work. Every writer needs a program to learn, love, and rave about. Among the popular programs in use are Scrivener for novelists and Final Draft for scriptwriters. One of the newest online platforms now available is Novlr. Shop around, read reviews, and choose the best program for your beloved writer and his/her specific needs.

4) Beverage Collection

Who could deny the importance of warm beverages? Customize a beverage package complete with a mug or travel mug, tea bags, loose leaf tea, a strainer, hot chocolate packets, and coffee. Add and delete items as you see fit. Your attention to the mental and physical needs of your favorite writer will not go unnoticed. You will be contributing to the everyday ritual that also provides a bit of an energy boost. You could even earn extra points by tossing in a few brownies or cookies. We – writers – spend a lot of time in our writer caves, ignoring the ticking clock and the rumbling of our bellies. Your generous gift will, no doubt, keep a writer alive, alert, and writing.

5) Subscriptions and Publications

There are numerous magazines, journals, and books on the market just for writers. It can get quite expensive keeping up with more than a couple of them, even if we would like to do a better job of keeping our fingers on the pulse of the publishing industry. Writers Digest and The Writer are among the popular publications for writers. Writer’s Market books are also handy resources, akin to a telephone directory in 1995. Have a valuable resource shipped directly to the home of a writer who will be happy to receive and enjoy it for at least one year.

Now that you’ve seen the list, I’m sure other things have come to mind. It’s just the way the brain works. “A pen, you say? I shall get her a pen and a handy dandy roll up case. Complements and associations have likely grown a list of 10 or more in your mind. For that, you are very welcome! Happy shopping for your writer friends. Enjoy the adoration and extra kindness your perfect gift selection scores you.

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Alicia WallaceAlicia Audrey is a writer, editor, blogger and social and political commentator living and working in Nassau, Bahamas. She enjoys writing flash fiction, and is currently working on a women’s fiction novel entitled The Whispering Willow. She prides herself on keeping the local post office open by sending far too many penpal letters and packages to friends and strangers alike on a weekly basis. Her favourite things include journals, tea, cupcakes, sarcasm, challenges, and autumn. She tweets her musings to everyone, but no one in particular, as @_AliciaAudrey.

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