Top 10 Twitter Feed Picks

by Rebecca Ann Jordan
published in Community

As writers, we arguably make up the most enthusiastic, Twitter-friendly community out there. It logically follows that we should make the best of this amazing resource. Continuing our week-long series on favorite resources, here’s a list of 10 Twitter feeds we love to follow.

Twitter Feeds for Writers

Elizabeth S. Craig

An all-things-writers feed, especially tweeting links to choice articles from writers’ blogs. Recent tweet:

Porter Anderson

Quotes from writers and retweeted articles from writers’ blogs. Recent tweet:

Janice Hardy

Tons of great links to writing resources and tips on writing craft. Recent Tweet:

Jon Winokur

Quotes by writers, for writers. Recent tweet:

 Joanna Penn

Tips and tricks for writing and info about e-publishing and indie publishing. Recent tweet:

 Ashley Barron

Interviews with self-pub authors about their craft, their books and their business. Recent tweet:

 Gene Lempp

Advice on publishing, writing, and general creativity. Recent tweet:

 YA Lit

Photography inspiration and tips on writing craft for everyone (not just YA authors). Recent tweet:

Writer’s Digest

News on publishing and publicity from a favorite writer’s magazine. Recent tweet:

Writer’s Relief

Hints and tips on submissions and publishing in various genres. Recent tweet:

If you aren’t involved with Twitter yet, you should consider signing up. If the twitterverse seems big and scary, check out this awesome writer’s guide to twitter (by Debbie Ridpath Ohi AKA Inkygirl). Make sure to follow these and other writers in order to build your very own writing community on twitter. Their resources and advice can be priceless both as you improve your own writing and learn about the business of writing.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Top Book Picks, and then on Friday we’ll party!


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