Episode 54: Taking the Crime Novel World by Storm — An Interview with Sara Paretsky

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Podcast

Hello and welcome to another awesome episode of DIY MFA Radio! I’m so excited to interview Sara Paretsky, author of 20 books, including the renowned V.I. Warshawski novels. In 1982 she introduced the world to  private eye V.I. Warshawski in her book Indemnity Only. V.I. – tough, credible, street-smart, and feminine – challenged the stereotypes of women in fiction as victims or vamps and Paretsky made it possible for a new generation of crime writers to thrive.

In, Brush Back,  the latest book in this series, V.I. must uncover the truth about a crime that hits very close to home, and forces her to take a good look into her family’s past. As V.I. digs for clues and tries to piece the story together, she must put her life—and career—on the line until she can finally discover what happened on a fateful night many those years ago. It could be the biggest case of her career—if V.I. manages to survive.

Sara Paretsky was named 2011 Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America and is also the recipient of the Cartier Diamond Dagger Award given by the British Crime Writers’ Association. Paretsky is currently president of the Mystery Writers of America.  She lives in Chicago.

In this episode Sara and I talk about:

  • Creating a unique and strong protagonist.
  • The mystery writing scene and how it’s changed now.
  • Setting as character in writing.
  • Personal limits to detail in topics such as sex and violence in writing.

Plus Sara’s #1 tip for writers.

For more information about Sara Paretsky, visit her website or follow her on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter.

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