Episode 17: The Essentials – Books For Your Writing Library

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Podcast

Thanks for joining us! In this episode we’ll talk about books every writer should have in their writing library.

In order to grow as a writer, you want to have several different categories of books in your arsenal that will encourage and instruct you in the craft. The key here is to build a collection of what I call “The Essentials.”

Listen in to hear about the basic books you should have in your writing library to help you hone your skills as a writer. These are just a few of my favorites in styles and genres I typically write in. I would love to know what books you turn to for writing instruction and inspiration, as well. Please leave a comment and let us know which writing books you recommend!

The ABC’s (plus one) of Your Writer’s Library

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Start with an anthology of short form literature in your genre. Why? Reading short form work allows you to get a macro- and micro-view of each piece, analyzing overall structure and details in one sitting.

My picks:

Books of Prompts

A good book of prompts helps to get the creative juices flowing and encourages you to write outside of your comfort zone.

My picks:

Craft Reference Books

Find a reference book that focuses on your genre. Also the DIY MFA book has a substantive section on the craft of writing.

My picks:

Inspirational Books

These are writers’ memoirs that inspire and motivate you in your writer’s journey.

My picks:

What books do you have in your writer’s library?

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