Episode 149: How to Pitch Your Book — Interview with Mark Gottlieb

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Podcast

Hey there word nerds!

Today I’m delighted to have literary agent Mark Gottlieb on the show.

Mark is an agent at Trident Media Group, where he has worked with the agency’s chairman. He is now working on building his own client list because he wants to help manage and grow authors’ careers using the amazing resources Trident has available.

In our interview, Mark and I discuss the topic that both excites and terrifies writers: The Pitch.  Mark gives us the inside scoop on how to work the Pitch Slam and what makes (or breaks) a an elevator pitch for your book.

In this episode Mark and I discuss:

  • How to craft the perfect pitch and to use a Pitch Slam to your best advantage.
  • The framework for a killer query letter, and how to craft a creative hook and strong pitch that will make agents want to read more.
  • Why using comp titles can strengthen your pitch, and how to weave them together with your book’s details, with example pitches from Mark!
  • How studying current titles in the marketplace can place your query a step above the crowd.

Plus, Mark’s #1 tip for writers.

About the Agent

Mark Gottlieb attended Emerson College and was President of its Publishing Club, establishing the Wilde Press. Mark’s first position at Trident Media Group, Publishers Marketplace’s #1-ranked literary agency, was in foreign rights, later he was executive assistant to Trident’s Chairman and ran the Audio Department. Now he is working with his own client list, helping to manage and grow authors’ careers with the unique resources available to Trident.

If you are interested in querying Mark head over to the agency website, read through the submission guidelines, and send him your query. Don’t forget to mention that you heard him speak on DIY MFA Radio!

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