Episode 41: Behind DIY MFA – Interview with Sara Letourneau

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Podcast

Welcome to another episode of DIY MFA Radio! Today I’m doing things a little bit differently. Instead of an interview, I’m bringing one of my team members on the show as a co-host and we’ll have a conversation about books, writing and the creative life.

This episode is part of a new series I’ll be doing called “Behind DIY MFA,” where I’ll bring members of my team on the show as a co-host and we’ll talk about what they do, both at DIY MFA and beyond. My goal with these behind-the-scenes episodes is for you to get to know the different people who help make DIY MFA awesome, plus hear their insights about books and all things literary.

As you probably already know, I see DIY MFA as a collaborative and collective venture. While I may be the instigator, DIY MFA would not be nearly as great if it weren’t for all the amazing people who have partnered with me on this project. My hope is that this series will showcase the incredible talent we have on this team, and help you get to know these awesome people.

Our co-host today is the fabulous Sara Letourneau, author of the DIY MFA column Theme: A Story’s Soul.

About Sara Letourneau

Sara Letourneau is a Massachusetts-based writer who practices joy and versatility in her work. In addition to writing a fantasy novel, she reviews tea at A Bibliophile’s Reverie and is a guest contributor for Grub Street Daily. She’s also a published poet whose works have appeared in The Curry Arts Journal, Soul-Lit, The Eunoia Review, Underground Voices, and two anthologies. Learn more about Sara at her personal blog, GoodreadsFacebook, and Twitter.

In this interview, Sara and I talk about…

  • Theme, and why it’s important to your story
  • Passion and its place in your writing life
  • Versatility vs. Niche
  • Her personal writing rituals

Plus, Sara shares her #1 piece of advice for writers.

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