Poetry Reading List and Resources

by Gabriela Pereira
published in Reading

I’m guessing that after a week of reading about how great poetry is, you might be ready to dive in and read or write some poems of your own.

But where to start?  With all the literary resources out there, where do you go to find resources on poetry?

Never fear! I’ve put together a list with some of my favorite poetry resources and books, to help you get started.

Online Resources


A great website from the Academy of American Poets, with tons of poems, essays and information on craft as well as biographies of poets.  Looking for a poem on a specific theme or topic?  This site also has a great search engine.  What I love about this site, though, is the wealth of resources they have for beginners.  Check out their Poetry 101 section for tips and articles on how to read poetry, book recommendations and more.

The Writer’s Almanac

The website for NPR’s The Writer’s Almanac presents a different poem each day, plus facts about poets and writers, and a podcast.  A great RSS feed to subscribe to.

Poetry 180

A poem per day for the 180 days of the school year.  That’s the concept behind this fabulous website, which includes 180 poems, plus other resources as well.

Poetry Foundation

Another association dedicated to poetry and a great website.  You can search through their database of poets and poems, or read articles and listen to podcasts.

Poetry Society of America (PSA)

And yet another poetry association with a fantastic website.  I’m especially a fan of their collaboration with the MTA (and now public transit systems across the country) called Poetry in Motion, where they place poems in buses and subways to raise readership of both new and established poets.


Suggested Reading

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