Seven Cozy Poems of Winter

by Angela Yeh
published in Reading

Falling In Love

I fell in love for the first time in July – there were fireworks (literal and figurative) and I wanted nothing more in my whole thirteen years of living than to kiss that boy. Growing up in a small Atlantic Canadian province I hold snapshots of summer in my memory – the soundtrack  ‘Patio Lanterns’ by Kim Mitchell. I remember the glee, the novelty of endless summer days with no schedule and plunging into the cold Atlantic Ocean. If summer is remembered in snapshots and slips of songs, winter is bone deep in the spine of my childhood. 

A maritime winter is long and cold and treacherous. You layer up starting in October and you don’t unpeel yourself until around May. Snow is all around but so is salt. Not the small, clean looking table salt, it’s road or rock salt. The big, brown rock salt is laid down on the plowed roads, the shoveled sidewalks, eating away at the undercarriage of your car, stuck to your boots. It makes the snow turn brown and muddy-looking long before the ground has thawed. Winter can sometimes be a drag.

The Magic Of Winter

Of course, winter is also magical – and the world really does look new with a fresh layer of snow. There is something enchanting about crunching through the snow at night, the world muted by layers of insulating snow.

It sparkles in the moonlight; did you know that? You’re exhaling the warm air and it puffs around you like smoke and the whole world is white and still and iridescent. You feel your own smallness, your own fragile body immersed in this frigid air so cold if you ran your lungs would burn with it.

I’m living in Texas now and because of COVID I haven’t been able to travel home this Christmas. The year 2020 has been chock full of fun hasn’t it?

All that to say…I have been feeling nostalgic this holiday season and have combed the internet to find the best ‘snow’ themed poems in the universe, for you. Well, for me too, but now I’m sharing with you!

Getting Cozy

But let’s do this right shall we? Go make a mug of hot chocolate with those small marshmallows that puff up soft and melty, or your favorite peppermint latte and a warm blanket. I’ll wait! I’m breaking off teeth shattering pieces of the gingerbread house we decorated. That’s okay to eat right?

Allright. Ready? Cozy? Okay read away my friends.

The Best ‘Snow-Themed’ Poems In The Universe

Stopping By Woods On a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

The Snow by Emily Dickinson

Snow-Flakes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Snow Shower by William Cullen Bryant

Winter-Time by Robert Louis Stevenson

Spellbound by Emily Brontë

The Bells by Edgar Allen Poe

Angela Yeh hails from Atlantic Canada but lives and works in Texas – after her liberal arts degree she wandered into Corporate America but managed to escape. She is a staunch advocate for writers and literacy/learning with her online writing community at She also teaches a love of creative gardening to pre-k kids in her physical community. She lives with her husband, two lovely human children, and two cranky fur babies. You can check her out on Insta – @thatpluckygirl or at her website,

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