#5OnFri5 Things I’m Totally Psyched for at Thrillerfest

Thrillerfest is in just two weeks. Hear that? That’s my scream of glee. ThrillerFest is an annual conference for writers organized by International Thriller Writers (ITW). The event, now in its tenth year, brings together thousands of writers, agents, publishers and other industry professionals together each year. To borrow from Anchorman, it’s kind of a… Read more »

The Five Best Social Media Tools to Manage Your Author Platform

So you’re putting in the work and growing your author platform. High fives. But whether you’ve decided it’s time to become a master of all things Pinterest or simply resolved to tweet once every single day, the demands of maintaining a platform can easily become overwhelming. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s the Internet. But… Read more »

5 Awesome Author Online Platforms

When it comes to building a platform, sometimes reading a list of tips just doesn’t cut it. Seeing how real authors find their success can trigger new creative ideas and help you find your footing. That’s why I’m always curious about what’s really going on out there on the streets. Or in this case, cyberstreets…. Read more »

Start Here: Being Your Own Muse

Once you hit your creative flow, working on your manuscript can be a blast. But sometimes, the muse just doesn’t want to come. Well, forget the muse–you can get the creative juices flowing all on your own. I’ve spent five years in the creative industry, and when a client deadline hits, you need something to show them whether… Read more »